We are Buyers of Classic Cars


First of all, we know selling your classic car can be emotional. It’s only natural. When you bought your classic car it was an emotional decision. Let’s face it, we didn’t NEED that ’65 Corvette, we didn’t need that cool ’66 Mustang Convertible. You WANTED it.

It only makes sense that when it comes time to sell that it’s a difficult choice to make. But these are tough determinations to make and when the time has come you need all the information you can get. There are many valid reasons to finally let go.

Maybe you are moving and can’t take it with you. Perhaps there is a new addition to the family and the money would come in handy. Also, maybe it’s a project and you just can’t get around to finishing it. Maybe you inherited a classic car, truck or motorcycle from your parents or grand parents and it just doesn’t fit in your lifestyle.


So during the possible turmoil of this event why not make it easier and talk to Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We are LA’s top¬†Buyers of Classic Cars. Call us, we are a real place of business and actually answer the phone!

We spend the time necessary to determine exactly what you have, talk about its condition and give you a range of what we can pay. The quickest way is to get the car to us. We will check it out further, test drive it and make you an offer.

In addition, if it is not drivable or the registration is out then its possible for us to come to you. Either way we pay you on the spot in whatever manner makes you comfortable; green folding cash, cashier’s check or company check.

Avoid the Hassle and Risk of Dealing Privately

The most important thing is that we make the whole transaction quick, easy and safe. We are a licensed and bonded California dealer and as such we immediately release your liability and nothing can come back to you.

Furthermore, by selling your car to us you avoid the headache of dealing with the public. Inconsiderate people make appointments, you arrange your schedule and they don’t show up. Nobody wants to be in the passenger seat of your own car when some yahoo is burning rubber in your prized possession.

In conclusion, there are obvious complications of being paid safely by a complete stranger. Plus many of the people who call you are unlicensed brokers, known as “Curbstoners” who are trying to resell your car to a third party. You don’t want your open title floating around from person to person, maybe even from country to country.

Oh yeah, almost forgot! In addition to classic cars, trucks, we buy late model cars, trucks and SUV’s. Plus, we buy motorcycles!

Check out our FUN VIDEOS of people just like you who have sold us their vehicle and take a look at our cars for sale. Review our reviews! Go to Google Reviews or YelpYelp.


Dennis Goddard: Dudley, tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Dudley: OK, sounds good. My 1975 Montecarlo that I purchased about 8 years ago. I love this car but I decided to sell it. I’m not driving as much, I wanted someone else to enjoy it. I came to see Dennis one of the top Buyers of Classic Cars in Los Angeles and it’s been like the easiest transaction ever.

Dennis: What happen? Why did the car get the boot all of the sudden?

Selling your classic can be easy, quick and safe

Dudley: Yes, I just hasn’t been riding it. I ride maybe 4 times a year and I just believe that someone else could better enjoy this vehicle.

Dennis: We were talking earlier, tell us about these interesting ownership history. Tell us about the people you bought it from.

Dudley: Yes, 10 years ago I bought it from the son of the original owner. He had it for sale, I decide it, you know, I was looking for this particular 75 Montecarlo and this thing is just a cream buff of a car. it had 49,000 original miles when I bought it, now I’m at 66,000 original miles.

Dennis: 66,000 miles?

Dudley: Yes

Dennis: Wow! It looks really clean

“No hassle, Dennis is gonna help you out”

Dudley: It was just time. Like I said if you want to sell you classic car somewhere with no hassle, and get all the money for it, you come and see Dennis, Buyers of Classic Cars. Even more, Dennis is gonna help you out.

Dennis: Thank you, we appreciate that. Tell us why did you decide it to sell it to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Dudley: First of all, I just didn’t want people coming to the house, also I didn’t want people offering me money that I didn’t really want. I just didn’t want the hassle, the time. Therefore, my time is better off somewhere else. Above all, like I said, come and see Dennis, he will make it as smooth as possible and you going to be very happy with what he offers you.

DUDLEY TYPED IN: “Buyers of Classic Cars”

Dennis: Tell us, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Dudley: Dennis, I went online. I actually went to buyers of classic cars and Dennis website came up, very easy. I think it was Bianka, she was so nice, like I said the transaction it was easy. As a result, let me tell you something, if you selling a classic car and you want all the money for it, you come and see Dennis.

Dennis: Great! I appreciate. Consequently, you typed in buyers of classic cars?

Dudley: Yes, that’s true.

Dennis: Ok, great! Lastly, tell us about the near catastrophe, the near marital catastrophe that we reverted by me spending an extra $250 dollars for this car.


Dudley: Right, there was an offer on the table but my wife just wanted a little bit more and Dennis was so nice. Furthermore, he saved my marriage by giving us that additional money to make sure this transaction went through. Like I said, he’s gonna give you a fair price on the classic that you do bring in.

Dennis: Dudley, thank you very much, we appreciated and in the future, if you have another car you want to sell, let us know.

Dudley: You got it!

Dennis: Alright buddy.