How Do I Get Cash For My Car in Los Angeles?

It’s easy and convenient. Just call Dennis Buys Cars. We will quickly evaluate your car, make you the highest offer possible and pay you on the spot.

Selling your car on your own is a pain in “the you know what”.  Plus there certain risks like your personal safety, DMV paperwork, getting paid safely and the most valuable commodity of all, your time.

We take all those problems away and can have you out the door in 15 minutes with cash in your pocket. We even drive you home if you want!

We have been in the same location on Venice Blvd. for over 10 years and are professionals in the buying and selling of all types of cars whether it be late model Honda, Toyota, domestic, SUVS of all types, exotics and classics too.

Just call Dennis Goddard at 310-253-9977 and tell him “I want Cash For My Car!”