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OK, so you did a search for car buyers in Los Angeles and in seconds you have quite a selection to choose from. Welcome to the age of the Internet. Along with Dennis Buys Cars, CARMAX will be one of those search results so let’s examine and compare them further.

While it is true that CARMAX will issue you a written offer that is good for seven days, there are a few restrictions:

First, they pay you with a “bank draft” which means the money is not good for ten days.  So, for ten business days which is almost three weeks, they have your car and you have nothing. We are the car buyers who will pay you with a live check or cash on the spot.

To sell your car to CARMAX the registration must be current and in your name. Let’s say your car won’t pass smog, you have lost the title, there are fees due, or the car is still in the previous owners, or a relatives name. CARMAX won’t buy it but Dennis Buys Cars will. We have a DMV link to examine full ownership history and will be able to buy your car without additional hassle to you.

Bring your valid, written CARMAX quote and 99% of the time we will beat it, plus, as an added perk will will even provide free transportation home in a shiny new Uber or Lyft car!

Dennis is One of the Top Car Buyers of Los Angeles

As one of the top car buyers in Los Angeles, Dennis Buys Cars will give you all the information you need plus provide a safe. convenient and hassle free environment in which to sell your car. Avoid the risks associated with selling your car privately, we will get it done and have you on your way in fifteen minutes!

If you are a woman selling your car please click here, there are unique reasons why it is safer and more convenient to sell your car to a dealer.

We have been in the same location since 2003 and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our Yelp reviews are excellent.

We buy all types of cars, trucks, classic cars and motorcycles. We sell carssell cars too!

: So Jin tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Jin: Well I’m selling my car that’s my precious car but is very good conditions and Dennis the car buyers offered me a good deal so that is why I am selling it.

Dennis: So what do we have here?

Jin: It’s a BMW Z4 2004 Automatic runs very well, fast, as well amazing car for California weather

Dennis: It’s a very interesting color.

Jin: I mean well I’d say the girls love that kind of car so I mean it works both ways around.

Dennis: Tell us why you’re selling it today?

Jin: I am selling it because I am going to New York I got an internship there so I need to move on.
So I’m selling this car pretty much cause of that.

Dennis: Ok now we understand Jim that you brought this car to CarMax first correct?

Jin: Yes, that is true.

Dennis: Ok, and how did our price compare to the quote CarMax gave you?

Jin: Yeah, You guys offered me a higher price than CarMax would pay us.

Dennis: Great, Exactly we appreciate it so tell us now we understand you went to CarMax but tell us why you decided to sell this car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately on your own.

Jin: I mean I didn’t have much time left cause I am leaving in two weeks so I tried for a couple of days but then I realized that the fastest way to have cash in my hands would be if I come directly to professional car buyers.

Dennis: Right great and Jim how did you find Dennis at Dennis buys cars?

Jin: I looked for car buyers online.

Dennis: When you did an online search for car buyers do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Jin: I typed in car buyers.

Dennis: Well I’m glad that you found us!

Jin: Alright, thank you I’m glad I found you as well.

Dennis: And how would you rate your overall experience here Jim?

Jin: I’d say a 10. Nice people.

Dennis: Thank you very much.

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