People Who Buy Old Classic Cars


It’s very possible that the classic car that you inherited is in running and driving condition. Consequently a prospective buyer is well within his rights to test drive the car. This is not as easy as it sounds. Is the car insured if someone outside of the policy drives it? Probably not. Also, this is an old car and you may not really know it’s condition or drivability. We don’t know if the fluids are ok or the condition of the brakes and tires. What if it dies or overheats causing serious damage?

Allowing a stranger to test drive a classic car alone is not a good idea and going with him is not recommended also because of the safety concerns mentioned above. Dealers have dealer plates and full insurance eliminating any risk to your personal safety or the car’s.

Your privacy and safety are important. We are especially helpful if your are a woman selling your car.


When you place an ad to sell your car either in Craigslist or any other portal that sells cars you obviously must give out your cel phone so people can contact you. Now your phone number is published for the world to see and you don’t know if your phone number is being sold to marketing companies who hound you with computerized sales calls.


Most of all,  cannot accept a check of any kind from a total stranger. Personal checks for obvious reasons and even cashier’s checks can be stopped the next morning. Your car will be long gone before your bank notifies you that the check is no good.

Furthermore, will pay you on the spot in any manner that makes you comfortable, even in green cash if you like. We are the trusted people who buy old classic cars.


California is peculiar in the sense that when you sell a car you simple hand over your title to the new buyer. They don’t necessarily transfer the car to their name in a timely manner and sometimes not at all. The title with your grandfather’s name on it could be passed form hand to hand and sometimes from country to country. We at Dennis Buys Classic Cars will release your liability on the spot so that this cannot happen.


All old cars have something wrong with them. The last thing you need is to sell your car privately and then have the buyer knocking on your door every time the car has a little problem.


When you sell your car at an auction like Barrett-Jackson, Meecum or any of the major auction house they charge a 10% commission and a $1,000 entry fee and there is no guarantee that your car will sell. Plus you would be responsible for transportation costs to get the car to the auction.

Consequently you need highly trained, licensed and bonded People who buy old classic cars. Dennis Buys Classic Cars fits the bill. We have been in the same location since 2003, helped thousands of people just like you who inherited a classic car and did not know where to turn.

If you still want to sell your car privately we have put together a helpful guide that will cover all the basics.

Dennis Buys Classic Cars is the Solution

Call us. We will evaluate your car on the phone and give you an idea of what we could pay. If you are out of state you can send us some pictures to help. If you are fairly local we can come to you like we did with Kandice.

Finally, we will pay you safely, do all the paper work and remove the car for you with the least hassle. If you bring the car to us we will Uber or Lyft you home free of charge!

Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classic Cars have been in the same easy to find location since 2003. We have great Yelp reviews,  thousands of satisfied customers and fun videos.

We buy classic cars, trucks and classic motorcycles. We buy late model, SUVs and luxury vehicles. Also we are the only small dealership in Los Angeles that will buy motorcycles!

Check out our inventory of cool stuff for sale. It changes day to day and you never know what might show up!

Kandice Searched for People Who Buy Old Classic Cars

Dennis Goddard: So Kandice, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Kandice: This used to be my great grandfathers Porsche. I used to spend a lot of time driving it out, running errands with him in it. I used to love it.

Dennis: So what year is it?

Kandice: 1975

Dennis: So, 1975 Porsche 914, it looks like its been sitting here for quite a while. So when you were a little girl you use to ride on it.

Kandice: Yes, I used to ride on it when I was little. After he passed away is just sad. Kind of lost its luster.

Dennis: Well, we can help with that. Now, so your great-grandfather passed away and you inherited this car?

Kandice: Yes

Dennis: Obviously it was a little beyond your scope of repair, etc., so you decided to sell it. Why did you decided to sell it to a dealer as oppose to selling for example privately?

Kandice: I wanted it to be sold to a dealer so it can be restored and taken back to its glory days and appreciated by people who actually collect cars like this. I didn’t want to just sell it to a private person where they scrapped or just let it rot. I wanted it to be restored and my granpa’s car be up and running like it used to be. I appreciated and loved the way it should be.

Dennis: This is very common. We have situations many many times where here at Dennis Buys Classic Cars, people inherit their cars from an elderly relative that passed away and is just too much work for them to give the proper procedure that it needs. Now how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Kandice: I’ve done a lot of research and I was looking up classic cars, people who buy old classic cars. Your name popped  up on google, I looked at your website and did some research. You guys were the best fit for what I was looking for, people who buy old classic cars.

Dennis: Great, thank you for that. Kandice, do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search.

Kandice: People who buy old classic cars.

Dennis: Great, People who buy old classic cars! And it led you to us?

Kandice: Yes, it did.

Dennis: We really appreciate it, and when we get it all nice, shinning and running, we will make sure you get pictures.

Kandice: Thank you.