We Buy Classic Mustangs


We Buy Classic Mustangs!

At Dennis Buys Cars and Dennis Buys Classic Cars We Buy Classic Mustangs!

We love them because they hold their value, they don’t take up much space and they are nice to look at. Plus, they don’t eat much! Every time you drive one you get “Thumbs Up” wherever you go.

Why drive around with a boring Toyota or Honda when you can show up in a cool classic Mustang? If you spend $20K on a late model car now, in twenty years it will be worth maybe $200 bucks. Not so with any classic Mustang. These are investments that you can own and drive while they are increasing in value

If you have a classic Mustang, Camaro, Corvette or any car, truck or motorcycle prior to 1974, we want to buy it. We understand the hassle and risks of dealing with the public and make it easy for you.

We Buy ALL Types of Classic Vehicles

First of all, the process is easy. Just call us and tell us what you have. We can easily tell you what it is worth and give you an approximation of what we could pay. If it is driveable, bring it here. We will evaluate it, buy it and send you home in a complimentary UBER or LYFT.

In addition, if it is not running or the registration is expired we can come you, make a deal and have a truck pick it up. We will pay you in the manner of your choice whether it be a company check, cashier’s check or green cash. Either way, we will make the entire process safe, quick and hassle free.

Did You Inherit a Classic Car?

Many times a family will inherit a classic car, truck or motorcycle from an older family member who has passed away. We understand that this can be a difficult situation and we will make the process as smooth as possible.

Consequently, maybe your dreams were not the same as your grandfather. Maybe it is an unfinished project that is just too much to handle.

First you have to determine what it is that you actually have. We are the experts in all types of classic cars in all kinds of conditions and can easily determine what it is and how much it is worth.

Furthermore, even though we buy and sell Classic Cars that can go for well into six figures, our main focus is on cool, classic cars and motorcycles that won’t break the bank and Mustangs are probably our top seller. We are “The King of Affordable Classics!”

Most of all, sure to visit our entire inventory of cool stuff for sale. Dennis Buys Cars has great Yelp reviews and thousands of satisfied customers that we have helped over the years.

We Buy Late Model and Luxury Too

Finally, we don’t just buy classics. Dennis Buys Cars also buys late model, luxury cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs. Remember, there are special concerns if you are a woman selling a car. Avoid the obvious risks of strangers coming to your house. Let us handle it. Call us now for a free quote and we will take care of the rest.

Jesse Sold us His 1965 Mustang Convertible

Dennis Goddard: So, Jesse, We Buy Classic Mustangs and tell us about this fine automobile that you are selling today.

Jesse: Great! Right here we have a 1966 Ford Mustang, 4 speed manual, 6 cylinder with power top. It’s great to ride out in the summer cruising up and down the beach. From the front to the back we replaced everything from the radiator to new tires. All the way back to the clutch and then we have a new gas tank and fuel lines as well. It’s a lot of fun to drive around in the summer and the interior is in really good shape. With a little love it could be a great summer car.

Dennis: Right, right, it looks pretty good! Tell us why are you selling it? What happened?

Jesse: It’s the family’s car and I had it shipped. Like I just said I had a lot of work done from the front to the back. As a result, it needs a little more work on the bottom in terms of the body. That Is just a little beyond my area of expertise. So I figured I turned over to people that know what they are doing and turn it back in to the car the can be a really good cruiser.

Jesse Searched for Classic Car Buyers and Found Dennis Buys Cars

Dennis: Tell us why you decided to sell your car to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately.

Jesse: Two things, one just driving up and down the road I saw Dennis’s place and then I did a little research to look upon online. Also, Dennis had really great reviews. When I came in everything that I read was the truth. Staff is very professional, it was a very easy sell, you worked with me and I am very happy about my decision.

Dennis: Great! Well, I’m glad you came in. Originally you were sharing with me how you came here a few months ago and you were not quite ready to sell it. How did you find us originally because We Buy Classic Mustangs. Just how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Dennis Buys Cars Has Great Reviews

Jesse: Me it was just the luck of proximity cause I leave down the road and I saw it, but when I went home. Due to the fact, I wanted just not put all my eggs in a basket, I looked this up and a couple of other things. Consequently, Dennis had one of the highest ratings on the area. Therefore I figure I’ll give a shot and things worked out well. I didn’t look up the other two.

Dennis: Great, great!! Thank you. When you did that follow up search, what was it that you typed in when you did the search. Do you remember?

Jesse: I put in We Buy Classic Mustangs cars and then I put in my zip code. As a result, you came up with 4 other guys.

Dennis: We Buy Classic Mustangs? Great!!

Jesse: Or sell used cars

Dennis: We Buy Classic Mustangs?

Jesse: Yes.

Dennis: Ok, great! Most of all, it worked! Furthermore, we really appreciate it and if we can help you with anything in the future car wise, let us know.

Jesse: Absolutely!

Dennis: Right, thanks.