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Don’t worry, at Dennis Buys Cars, we will buy just about any car, truck or motorcycle! Could be a beater Mitsubishi like Seamus McCarty’s or a six figure Bentley, Rolls Royce or Ferrari. We have the knowledge and financial capability to appraise or purchase just about anything on wheels.

We will make it quick, easy and hassle free. Don’t risk your privacy and personal safety by trying to sell your used car by yourself. It just isn’t worth the trouble. There are just too many reasons to sell your car to a trusted and established dealer rather than going through the hassle of trying to sell it yourself.

Bring it here anytime between 10-6PM, Monday through Saturday. We will take a look at it, make you a cash offer and have you out of here in fifteen minutes or less. Sell My Car Los Angeles are the words you need to know.

We have great reviews and loads of fun video testimonials. Plus, we will beat all written offers including CARMAX.

In Seamus’s case, he is finally selling his 1991 Mitsubishi Galant with over 200,000 miles on it. He has had it for the last eleven years and has served him well but e got a gig on a cruise ship doing comedy and couldn’t take it with him. He needed some cash so he did a Google search on where to sell his car quickly and easily so he decided to give Dennis a call.

Comedian Seamus McCarthy typed in “Sell my Car Los Angeles”!

Dennis Goddard: Seamus, tell us a little about this chariot that you are selling today.

Seamus McCarthy: I am sorry to see it go. This is the lovely 1991 Mitsubishi Gallant that has been with me for the last eleven years of my life. My good friend Dennis is happy to take it from me and find it a good home.

Dennis: How many million miles on this beauty.

Seamus: There’s no joke, about a qurter of a million miles. So another seven fifty and we got that million mark.

Dennis: Great, and why are you selling today?

Seamus: Got a gig, splittin’ town and can’t take it with me. Dennis is going to find a new home for me.

Dennis: What is the gig, tell us about it.

Seamus: The gig is doing some comedy on a cruise ship so hopefully it will be a lot of fun for me.

Dennis: And you can’t fit the car on the cruise ship?

Seamus: They have the overhead compartments and with all the new TSA laws, the bag’s gotta be like “this size”. I can make a lot of things fit in a lot of strange places but I don’t think I could pull this one off.

Dennis: How did you hear about us Seamus?

Seamus: I found my friend Dennis on Google and typed in “Sell My Car Los Angeles

Dennis: Sell My Car Los Angeles. We really appreciate you coming in and when you get back from the trip and need another used car like this, maybe we can find one for you.

Seamus: I’m looking at that Corvette over in the corner and I’m going to have Dennis hold that for me, he’s not allowed to sell it!

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Sell My Car Los Angeles