Sell My Classic Chevy Chevelle Malibu

Time to Sell My Classic

Are you moving and need to sell your classic car in Los Angeles?  Are you thinking “Sell My Classic”? That is understandable. Sometimes the expense of transporting your “toy’ just doesn’t pencil in. In some cases moving is a big reason and selling your classic car can also put some much needed cash back in your pocket.

And we know you love your classic car and selling it might be an emotional experience. So maybe you put off selling it to the last minute and that leaves you in a time crunch. Selling your vintage car on your own requires time, knowledge, special skills, invasion of your privacy and a certain degree of risk.

You have to make sure your car is in top top shape and has little or no mechanical issues. It is very difficult to sell an an unfinished “project” or a car that isn’t running or running right.

You will need to have a title in hand and all registration fees paid up or nobody will want to buy it. Many buyers are brokers who may want to ship the car overseas in which case just a Bill Of Sale or past registration with just and application for title just won’t due.

You will need to take proper pictures. There is a science to taking automobile pictures which takes into consideration every angle that a prospective buyers need to see. Leaving out certain angles can make it look like you are concealing something and some people just overdo it; nobody needs to see closeups of the glovebox just yet.

You will need to write and pay for a grammatically correct and compelling ad. Next you will need to do careful research to determine pricing and current classic car prices. Asking too much for your car can be just as damaging as asking too little. The mistake a lot of people make is that they go online and find the highest price possible of a car similar to theirs and they think that is what their car is worth. That is hardly ever the case.

Next we have the dreaded test drive. Do you really want one stranger after another test driving your baby only to tell you, “I want to think about it”?

This is where Dennis Buys Classic Cars comes in. We are a licensed and bonded California dealer. We will make it quick, easy and hassle free. We will evaluate your car in fifteen minutes, pay you in cash or whatever manner you want to be paid and even drive you home if need be. We have been in the same location since 2002 and have decades worth of knowledge and experience in classic cars of all types. We have solid reviews and thousands of satisfied customers over the years. Check out some of our FUN VIDEOS.

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Dennis Goddard: So Manny, what do we have here, tell us about this car you’re selling today:

Manny: It’s a 1972 Chevy Chevelle Malibu, it’s a muscle car; very, very fast and dependable car. A lot of fun to drive.

Dennis Goddard: What is the story with the car, where did you get it and how long have you had it?

Manny: I have had it for six years years, I bought it off a shop and I was the second owner. He bought it off a lady that had it garaged for many many years. It’s time to Sell My Classic Chevy.

Dennis Goddard: Tell us what you did to it.

Manny: Before I decided to Sell My Classic I did the paint and body work. I souped up the motor. Added a little more horsepower, a little bit more fun. New tires, cleaned it up and that’s about it:

Dennis Goddard: Why are you selling Manny?

Manny: I decided Sell My Classic  because I’m moving to Idaho.

Dennis Goddard: Idaho? What are you going to do there?

Manny: I’m gonna have some fun after I Sell My Classic.

Dennis Goddard: Manny, how did you here about Dennis and Dennis Buys Cars?

Manny: I bought some tires next door and came over here and looked at some fine looking cars and decided to sell my classic car to you.

Dennis Goddard: We have a few classics here, I guess they could attract other people with classic cars they want to sell.

Manny: Exactly.

Dennis Goddard: How would you rate your overall experience here Manny?

Manny: Very good.

Sell My Classic