Dennis Buys a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Want to stir the heart of any classic car enthusiast? You can do it with just one word…..”Fastback”. With just that one word, every car lover knows what car you are talking about, the Ford Mustang Fastback. Sure, the Ford Mustang was an instant hit when it was unveiled at the World’s Fair New York in 1964, but when the 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback came out a year later, that was the model everyone wanted. Fifty years later it is the model that is commanding the highest prices. Imagine what they will be going for in another fifty years?

Here at Dennis Buys Cars, we are always on the lookout for classic cars also. They come our way in a variety of ways. Someone may do a search and type in, for example, “Classic Car Worth” or “Sell My Classic Car” and our website will pop up. So many times and older family member passes away and a classic car will be inherited and the heirs need help in finding out what it is worth. We will then answer all your questions, talk about the condition of your car and come up with a figure of what the car is worth. You can then drive it in, or we can make arrangements to come to you. Even if you are out of state, no problem, we have a system in place where you can be paid safely for your car.

Dennis: So Travis tell us about this car that you’re selling today

Travis: This is my baby. She’s been my toy for quite some time, I’ve had her for 15 years and she’s been well maintained, she’s a 289 V8, 2 plus 2; An automatic car. Honey gold car but the best part about everything is the money.

Dennis: Awesome and what do we have here? We have a 1965 Mustang, looks like.

Travis: Yeah. A 65 Fastback, it’s got about 84,000 on her, automatic, black interior vinyl. The exterior is honey gold obviously and uh great smooth running car.

Dennis: Great, so how come you’re selling it?

Travis: Well actually I’m moving to Hawaii in about 3 days so this could come in really handy, the money to be able start up there.

Dennis: So what do you do Travis? What do you do for work?

Travis: I’m an artist. I do large scale sharpie stuff. You can check my work at

Dennis: We will definitely do that. How did you find Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Travis: On the internet, saw your pictures. Saw the cars that you have sold in the past, I know you’ve been doing this for a long time and I value your opinion and I feel I got a fair offer because of that.

Dennis: Well we appreciate it. Do you remember what you typed in when you did the search?

Travis: I just typed “we buy cars, Los Angeles”

Dennis: Awesome. What is your favorite memory of this car Travis?

Travis: I don’t know. Probably the first time I brought it and it backed out of the driveway, the first time it was a garage there in Huston and he cranked it up and he backed out one and there was a crème convertible with a bench seat and I was like that’s not what I want man and they moved that one back and out it caught on and I could hear it. It cranked the first crank just like it did for you today…

Dennis: Right.

Travis: And it cranked and backed right out and saw the pipes and it was rattling and I mean…that was my car!

Dennis: You knew you had to have it.

Travis: Oh yeah! I had already turned down 3 other cars I had looked at and I was looking specifically for a Mustang.

Dennis: And tell me this, what was the best part of your experience here today with DennisBuysCars?

Travis: It’s definitely gotta be the money man. Has to be the money Dennis!

Dennis: Awesome. Travis thank you very much, it was very nice to meet you

Travis: Good to meet you too Dennis.

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