If You Are a Woman Selling Your Car

Are You a Woman Selling Your Car? Read This:

There can be special challenges if you are a woman selling your car. First of which is your comfort zone and your personal safety. Remember, posting a car for sale online is no different than tacking your cell phone number on a telephone pole of a busy street. Consequently you are leaving yourself open to random calls 24/7. Remember, Smart phones are smart. Your private cel number can be stored…. forever. This is where Dennis Buys Cars comes in.

In addition, let’s say you make an appointment with a prospective buyer for your car. The possibility exists that he may longer be interested in your car and that he is interested in YOU. Now you are in the uncomfortable position of avoiding this person and having your day interrupted with unwanted advances.

No Strangers Coming to Your Home

Furthermore, it just isn’t safe to meet strangers that have come from an ad in Craigslist or one of the other online portals. There are countless stories of scammers on Craigslist that could put you in real danger. There are many risks that can easily be avoided.

Also, let’s talk about the test drive. It is perfectly reasonable for a prospective buyer to want to test drive your car before they buy it. This is not an easy situation even for professionals let alone a woman selling your car or anyone for that matter. I have had to ask more than one person to pull over and turn off the ignition because they were terrible drives or drove like a maniac! Nobody wants to be in a car with a stranger, especially when it’s your baby and you are not even sure whether or not they will buy it.

We Make it Safe, Quick and Hassle Free

Then there is the issue of payment. Under no circumstance should you accept a check of any kind. Cashier’s checks can be stopped the next morning and your car could be long gone. The only alternative is green cash which can be cumbersome and some people are just not comfortable with it.

The advantages of selling your car to a dealer are many. We offer a safe and friendly atmosphere, established brick and mortar location that is is to find. You will be paid safely in the manner of your choice whether it be company check, cashier’s check or even cash.

Dennis Buys Cars is a licensed and bonded California dealer in good standing and as such we will release your liability. When you sell your car privately you have to trust the seller to go to the DMV and transfer it into their name in a timely manner. That doesn’t always happen and traffic or parking tickets can back to you.

Won’t Pass Smog? No Problem

Furthermore, we can handle payoffs with your lender if there is a balance still outstanding. If your car does not pass smog, no problem we can still buy it whereas if you sell it privately it mus be accompanied with a smog certificate.We can buy it even if the registration has expired.

Dennis Buys Cars will buy all types of vehicles. classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. We buy late model and luxury vehicles and SUVs as well. We have great reviews as well as a bunch of fun videos to watch. Check out our current inventory.

If You are a Woman Selling Your Car, Anna Gives Dennis 5 Stars


Dennis Goddard: Anna, tell us about this car you’re selling today.

Anna: I’m selling my Mazda 2008, Mazda 3. I had it for about 5 years and I’m ready for an upgrade.

Dennis: Did you buy a new car yet?

Anna: I’m on my way now that I got my check.

Dennis: Great! So, you’re a woman selling your car, you tired of this one with a few dents here and there and is time to get something new and shiny, right?

Anna: Right!

Dennis: Anna, tell us why you decided to sell your car to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Anna: I’m not comfortable having strangers, most likely men, coming to look at my car and know my address and my information. Is just not a good situation to be in and I’m not comfortable with it.

Dennis: Exactly! We were talking earlier and you told me some histories about when you went to a dealership and you were talking about having your father help you.

“Either I get hit on or they patronize me,” Anna said.

Anna: Yes, I wanted to fly my dad from home here to help me. I’ve been to like three dealerships, either I get hit on or they patronize me like I don’t know anything just because I’m a woman selling your car. They just don’t treat me like a normal customer.

Dennis: Right! So, your solution would be to come to a safe place, anonymous like this, a dealer where you can sell your car comfortably.

Anna: Yes.

Dennis: Also we understand that you went somewhere else to get an appraisal on your car.

Anna: Yes.

Dennis: How did we do in comparison to them?

Anna: Better! More friendly too.

We Handle All DMV Paperwork

Dennis: How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Anna: I looked up people that buy used cars in the LA area.

Dennis: Great! So you typed in people who buy used cars?

Anna: Well, dealerships or places that buy used cars. I typed in everything, I searched so much.

Dennis: And it led to us?

Anna: Yes.

Dennis: How would you rate your whole experience with us?

Anna: 5 stars.

Dennis: Anna thank you very much, we really appreciate it and when you get ready to sell your new ford fusion 5 or 6 years from now, come to us.

Anna: Yes I will.

Woman Selling Your Car