Dennis Buys a Super Rare 1963 Ford T-Bird Sports Raodster

When Ford ended the hugely successful run of two seater T-Birds and introduced the huge “Square Bird” in 1958, there was a justified outcry of disapproval from American sports cars lovers. Finally, Ford had an answer to the mighty Corvette which debuted in 1954.

How could Ford do such a thing? The ’58, ’59 and ’60 T-Birds just were not popular, and, this unpopularity resulted in low production numbers which of course leads to rarity and high prices today in the collectors market.

Ford wiped the slate clean again in ’61 and came up with one of the most dramatic and beautiful designs in Ford’s history, the third generation Ford Thunderbird. It was still large but had graceful, sweeping lines and looked fast when it was standing still.

In 1962 the Sports Roadster Convertible was created and offered for 1962 and 1963 only. These had Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels, special hand grip for the passenger, Select-Aire heating and AC, AM-FM radios (a big deal in 1962) and power windows. The most striking difference was the tonneau cover which covers the back seats and formed headrests for the front seats which gave the car the appearence of a two seater. But, this option was hugely expensive relative to the current market. For example, another $159 could get you a fully equipped Cadillac with power windows. As a result, only 452 were made in 1963 creating extreme rarity and desirability in today’s market.

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Dennis: So Joy, it looks like we have a very special car here. Tell us the year make and model.

Joy: It’s a 63 Sports Roadster Thunderbird 390.

Dennis: Wow. So what makes it a roadster? What is the difference here?

Joy: Well, it’s got everything on it. It’s got an am/fm radio.

Dennis: Right.

Joy: Air-conditioning.

Dennis: and it had something in the back right? It had a cover to cover up

Joy: Right. Right. It can be a 2 seater or a 4 seater.

Dennis: Wow. So how long have you had this car?

Joy: 38 years.

Dennis: 38 years! Wow. Wow.

Joy: 1976.

Dennis: So tell us…I know it must be a lot but tell us your fondest memory of you in this car.

Joy: I think it would be Laguna Beach about 77 or 78. My husband and I. We were there for the surfing sand and that weekend and it was a wonderful weekend with our car

Dennis: So Joy tell us why did you decide to finally sell this car?

Joy: Well, my husband passed away in 2006 and I’ve had it all these last 8 years and I just felt that it was time to…and I’m getting older too and I felt that it was the right time to sell it and let someone else enjoy it.

Dennis: Well we will make sure if that.

Joy: I know you will.

Dennis: And Joy how did you hear about Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Joy: Well, my friend Bill Johnson found you on the computer and that was the way.

Dennis: Awesome. So how would you rate your experience here at DennisBuysCars?

Joy: I think it’s excellent. I really enjoyed it this morning. You’re a wonderful salesman and you know what you’re doing and I like your questions and I like the way you handle people.

Dennis: Well, thank you very much. It was very nice meeting you and I’m glad you stopped and visited and sold us this wonderful car today.

Joy: Thank you.