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Selling a car on your own can be tricky and time consuming. Dealing with the unpredictable public can be a real time waster. First you have to field the calls from the ad for your used car on Craigslist. These calls will range between aggressive people who can hardly speak English to people with no money who will ask you to finance them. Then, after rearranging your busy day for an appointment, they don’t even show up or call!

At Dennis Buys Cars we will make it quick and easy. Whether it is a Classic Car, truck or motorcycle, late model, we will buy your car!

You need someone well known with a good reputation,  we are the friendly experts who help you get rid of your used car, truck or motorcycle with the least hassle.

We now have a division that will buy your motorcycle. If you have a bike that has been sitting in your garage that you no longer ride, call us because we love motorcycles!

There are special needs to consider if you are a woman selling your car. You certainly don’t want strangers knowing where you live. The last thing you need is some irate guy banging on your door at 11PM because something went wrong with the car you sold him and he wants his money back. Also, remember, anyone who calls you has your cel phone forever. Avoid the hassle, we will buy it, pay you top dollar for your used car, release your liability and even drive you have in a shiny Uber car!

We have hundreds of fun videos from people who have bought and sold cars from us and we have great Yelp reviews.

Also, late model cars and trucks for sale.

In addition, we love classic cars . Check out our classic cars for sale.

Dennis Buys Cars is an established licensed and bonded California dealer who has been at the same location since 2003. We will make it quick and easy, promise!

“Petal” Sold Her Grandfathers Classic Jaguar to Dennis

Dennis: We have Petal here selling her Jaguar. First of all, I mean the car is great, but you have to tell us about the name. How did your parents think of that name and how do you like having that name?

Petal: Oh, my name. It’s a combo name. It’s Half my mother half my dad. I hated it growing up, I got made fun of a lot, but I appreciate it now.

Dennis Goddard: So it’s Petal… P-E-T-A-L. Like petal, flower petal?

Petal: Exactly.

Dennis: That is awesome. So anyway, tell us about the car that you’re selling today. What do you know about it?

Petal: Um, well I just sold a 1964 Jaguar MK2. And it’s a vintage car and for those who don’t know it goes classic, then vintage. Its different levels it’s because of when it was made, how it was made. And it’s been in the family for a while so it’s hard to let go.

Dennis: Right, so tell us the history. Tells us the story about the car. Who was the owner, and what can you tell us about it.

Petal: Um, he was like a grandfather to us William Rodin was his name. He loved old cars. He put a lot of care into it, drove it around, I even went to my prom in it

Dennis: You went to your prom in it?

Petal: Yes, classy and chic.

Dennis: Okay wait, so what year did you go to your prom?

Petal: A long time ago.

Dennis: Okay, you’re not talking. No problem. So Petal, tell us why you sell your car to a dealer as apposed to selling it privately?

Petal: Well, I tried to sell it privately. Uhm but I learn a lot of lessons just to try and sell it privately because it’s not as easy as it seems, but with a dealer it is a lot easier especially with the paperwork, the DMV, title change etc. And then I just feel a lot cleaner about the transition/transaction. So yeah, I’m glad I went this route.

Dennis: So tell us about the lessons that you learned selling your car privately.

Petal: Uhm, you know its hard people are/can be indecisive or you can go through someone that is trying to low ball you, you know it’s always something, it’s just always something. So this was easy, I called you and literally the next day you came and it’s not even half day over and we’re done. So I’m on my way back to work, after I just sold my car to Dennis Buys Cars really quick which was convenient.

Dennis: Exactly, great. And so Petal tell us how you found Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Petal: You know what, I driven by here several times and then your website kept sticking in my brain. Dennis, we buy cars. Dennis Buys Cars com

Dennis: That is it. You got it

Petal: I was at work and I was like let me call Dennis Buys Cars and finally on an off day I was like, let me call this man. I looked it up you came up. I called, you picked up, and it was so easy. It was almost too good to be true

Dennis: A great. So you did an online search for Dennis Buys Cars ? To find us again?

Petal: Yeah.

Dennis: And do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Petal: I put Dennis Buys Cars.

Dennis: Oh Okay, great.

Petal: It comes up real easy.

Dennis: Well Petal thank you so much and you’re the first Petal that I’ve ever met.

Petal: Probably the last!

Dennis: Delighted from that fact, and thank you so much. And if you need any help car wise in the future just let us know.

Petal: Thank you.

Dennis Buys Cars