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Dennis Will Now Buy or Sell Motorcycles!

As I am sure you are finding out for yourself, selling a motorcycle privately is not a simple thing. First of all you are dealing with the unpredictable public. It is never a good idea to let a complete stranger know where you live. There are many scams going on right now with Craigslist and other public venues. Caution is the keyword with regards to selling any vehicle to the public but especially true with motorcycles.

For example; when you are selling your car it is easy for you to go along on a test drive. Obviously not true with a motorcycle. There is no way you want to jump on the back of your own motorcycle with an unknown person!

Avoid the risk and hassle of selling it yourself. Sell your motorcycle easily and quickly to a known and trusted dealer. You need a place like Dennis Buys Cars who will also Buy or Sell Motorcycles. We will buy your bike, pay you cash on the spot and send you home in a complimentary Uber car. It’s that simple.

At Dennis Buys Cars we buy and we sell late model cars and trucks. We buy and we sell classic cars and trucks. Of course we buy or sell motorcycles so get the information you need.. Check out our Yelp reviews and other testimonials.

Dennis Goddard: So Katie, tell us about this great little bike that you are selling today.

Katie: This is a great experience today selling this bike. Dennis was so nice to work with he bought the scooter on the spot for cash.

Dennis: So what do we have her, what is the year, make and model?

Katie: It’s a 2009 Vespa 150.

Dennis: Did you buy it new?

Katie: I bought it brand new over on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica and I brought it to Dennis Buys Motorcycles to sell it.

Dennis: Why did you finally decide to sell this little beauty?

Katie: I’m gonna miss the Vespa but I want to get a little smaller bike for myself.

Dennis: Smaller than this? They make ’em smaller?

Katie: Yes!

Dennis: So Katie, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars and Motorcycles?

Katie: My friend Pablo found Dennis.

Dennis: Pablo, step in here. Say hello to Pablo. So how did you find us, did you do an online search?

Pablo: I found you online, the first option.

Dennis: Great. Do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did an online search for buy or sell motorcycles?

Pablo: Buy or Sell Motorcycles.

Dennis: Buy or Sell Motorcycles, great. So tell us about the best part of your experience today!

Katie: Cold hard cash!

Buy or Sell Motorcycles