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Did you know that Dennis Buys Motorcycles?

Selling a motorcycle on your own is a different animal. We all motorcycles love but selling them can be a challenge. Let’s break it down:

Right off the bat you will have the normal problems of dealing with the public. People are just not predictable. Many times you will adjust your busy schedule, make an appointment and you guessed it, they don’t even show up!

Save Time and Money- Let Dennis Buy It

Next, let’s say you do have a prospective buyer of your motorcycle. Then we have the frightening issue of the test drive which can be a deal breaker. You’re not selling a car folks so the idea of going along on a test drive with a total stranger is just not going to happen. Two guys on a motorcycle just doesn’t work! In addition, few people would buy any vehicle without driving it first. I don’t know of one guy who has been on the back of his own motorcycle unless of course you live in France!

Don’t Let a Stranger Jump on Your Bike

Consequently, if you are not a dealer with comprehensive insurance I can’t see anyway to let someone you don’t know jump on your bike. This is why you need licensed and bonded a California dealer to help you. The old school method is that you, the owner of the bike, holds the agreed upon price of the bike, in cash, while the prospective buyer runs it around the block. If he likes the bike then you keep the cash and he keeps the bike. This sounds simple but it is tricky to negotiate and the buyer will not always agree.

Avoid the risk, hassle and time required to sell your motorcycle. Dennis Buys Motorcycles! We will make it safe, quick and easy . Plus we’ll get it done and you’ll be on your way in fifteen minutes.

We Buy Classic Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles too!

Furthermore, we also love classic cars! If you have inherited a classic car, truck or motorcycle or if you have one that you don’t need or want anymore, we are the experts and we can help. Call us: 310-253-9977. We will identify what you have and we can give you an idea of what we could pay on the phone.

Then we make an appointment to either come to you or you can come to us. We will evaluate your car and If we agree we will make you a cash offer. We pay in any manner that you want to be paid; company check, cashier’s check or cold hard, green cash if you like. The transaction takes about fifteen minutes and we will even Uber you home for free!

Dennis Buys Cars and its affiliates Dennis Buys Classic Cars, and Dennis Buys Motorcycles have been around for over 15 years at the same, easy to find West LA location . We have great Yelp reviews, thousands of satisfied customers and FUN VIDEOS to check out.

If you have a motorcycle, a classic car, truck, classic motorcycle or even a late model or luxury car or SUV that you want to sell . Be sure to check out our entire inventory . Give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!

“It was very, very easy,” Chris said.

Dennis Goddard: Tell us about this bike you’re selling today.

Chris: This bike is a beauty as you can see. I only got about 700 miles on it and I’m selling it. Dennis was kind enough to come and take it off my hands. It was very, very easy.

Dennis: Its my pleasure doing so. What is the year, make and model for this bike?

Chris: It’s a 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster 883, I think is a XL883. I’m the original owner and I’m just not riding it anymore.

Dennis: So, its an 08 and it’s got what 715 miles on it

Chris: Something like that, under 800 miles for sure.

Dennis: Inquiring minds want to know. How the heck did that happen?

Chris Needed a Hassle Free Solution

Chris: Yes, just not riding anymore. I’ve been riding since I was a little kid and now being older, with family, I just don’t have any time to ride it basically. We are outside my house, I’m going to be doing some remodeling here, so just need to make room for storage in the garage and I need it to sell it quickly and Dennis came through to take if off my hands.

Dennis: Thank you, thank you for the opportunity. Chris, why did you decide to sell it to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Chris: Well, I sold a few bikes over the year, going through Craigslist and something like that and is not easy. If you have all the time in the world and you know the price you want to set and you can just wait and kind of seat through people calling and not showing up. Just dealing with the bullshit of that process, you can do it, but it’s a painful process. Plus I heard that Dennis Buys Motorcycles.

Dennis Came to Chris and Picked Up the Bike

Dennis: People that you don’t even know, they want to test drive your bike.

Chris: Exactly and I knew I could just tell right over the phone when I call Dennis that I was dealing with a very straightforward guy. I knew you could just come and take it off my hands, I knew it would be very easy and straightforward.

Dennis: We gonna find a nice home for it. Chris, how did you find us Dennis at Dennis Buys Motorcycles?

Chris: I think I was just googling around online. I don’t remember exactly how I came to Dennis’ site but as soon as I went to the site I just knew that you were in this business of buying and selling vehicles and I just knew it what I was getting involved with.

Chris Found Dennis Easily Online

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Chris: I don’t actually.

Dennis: Do you want to make a guess?

Chris: It’s funny I don’t remember, I was just literally looking around online and I found I think I was just looking for different websites I could advertise my bike on, cause Craigslist I had a miss with so I wanted to see what other people were doing. I was literally just searching around.

Dennis: Awesome!! Thank you Chris, we really appreciate you and like I said we’re going to find the right person for this bike.

Chris: Nice, thanks so much Dennis, I appreciate it.

Dennis Buys Motorcycles