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Star of TV Show “Cry Wolfe” Sells His Harley

OK, you don’t ride so much anymore and you’re thinking about selling your bike, now what? Selling a motorcycle on your own is not quite as easy as selling a car. First of all you don’t want sketchy types coming to your house and knowing where you live. It is time consuming, people make appointments and don’t show up, etc. But the biggest issue is the test drive, you just can’t go with the guy like you can with a car!

Selling a motorcycle just isn’t easy, there just isn’t as big of a market as there is for cars. You need a professional like Dennis Buys Cars and motorcycles. We make it easy and quick. Ride it here, we will check it out and in fifteen minutes you will be in a complimentary Uber on your way home with cold hard cash in your pocket. It’s that easy.

Private Detective Brian Wolfe from Discovery Network’s TV show “Cry Wolfe” wasn’t riding his 2010 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide much anymore and didn’t want the hassle of selling it privately so he decided to give Dennis a call.

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Private Eye Brian Wolfe Typed in “Sell Harley-Davidson Fast”

Dennis Goddard: We have with us today Brian Wolfe world renowned private investigator. So tell us about this bike you’re selling today?

Brian: I’m selling a 2010 Dyna Wide Glide. Had it for about 6 years. Really enjoyed it. But I don’t ride it anymore.

Dennis: Did you have any bad experience? Spill or something like that?

Brian: No, no spills nothing. But you know its Southern California so you always gotta be cautious because people are not looking at you so you gotta be aware of everything. Sometimes its stressful they should be nice. So that’s why I take it to Pismo Beach cause there’s less traffic.

Dennis: Exactly. So tell us why you’re selling it Brian?

Brian: Well, one of the reasons is because I don’t ride it too often, and another reason is because the TV show that I have that’s called Cry Wolfe. They really don’t want me to ride the bike anymore because if I get injured, the whole company goes down and nobody gets to work.

Dennis: So you’re the man.

Brian: I wouldn’t go that far. It’s family.

Dennis: They lose you they lose everything

Brian: I wouldn’t go that far either

Dennis: So Brian, tell us how you found Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Brian: You know what, you find Dennis everywhere. You just google buy cars, Sell Harley-Davidson Fast, buy motorcycles, fair prices, call Dennis.

Dennis: So you did an online search for Sell Harley-Davidson Fast.

Brian: I did an online search on the Internet.

Dennis: So Brian, do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Brian: I typed in…motorcycles…Sell Harley-Davidson Fast, basically what I did, that’s a good question, when you are looking for a private investigator, some people put in private detective, some people put in detective, what I put in, I said sell my bike fast, I put in Sell Harley-Davidson Fast.

Dennis: Sell Harley-Davidson Fast.

Brian: Dennis was on the first page, I checked him out a little bit, he seems like a nice guy. When it came to negotiating the price he’s strong. He has a business, but outside of his business he seems like a nice guy.

Dennis: It’s been a pleasure to meet you, I am glad you came down and now we’re buddies.

Brian: We’re buddies now that the negotiating is completed!


Sell Harley-Davidson Fast