“Sell My Car” to Dennis Buys Cars

Pretty Kahn said to herself, “I need to sell my car!” People that need to sell their car soon learn that it is simple to find Dennis Buys Cars online. Just type in “Sell Used Car”, “Buy My Car”, “Sell My Car”, “Cash for Cars” or “Sell Auto” and our website will pop up.

As a young woman, she heard stories about guys bothering female sellers of cars and just did not want to deal with prospective male buyers who would still have her phone number even if they did not buy her car. We have many such customers who consider a trusted and reputable dealer as a safe haven.

We have great reviews on Yelp and a bunch of fun and informative videos to look at.

Selling a car to a dealer is way easier and there are so many advantages over selling it privately, plus it is 100% risk free. We offer the convenience of professionally evaluating how much your is worth and making you a cash offer on the spot, all within fifteen minutes. Also, don’t worry about coordinating a ride with other busy friends and relatives because we can even drive you home! If your car or truck will not pass smog, that’s OK, if you don’t have the pink slip, registration fees are due or if money is still owed on it, that’s OK too. We can handle the payoff and pay you the difference.

Selling your car on your own is time consuming and you can still be on the hook for tickets or accidents if the new owner does not transfer ownership to his name in a timely manner. Why trust a stranger with your personal information, cel number and home address and financial well being?

Once you sell a car to Dennis Buys Cars, your liability is released on the spot and you can continue with your busy life.

We also buy and sell classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. So if you are thinking “Sell My Classic Car in Los Angeles”, you have found the right place. We are experts on all types of classics ranging all the way from 60’s American Muscle Cars to one of the cars that started it all; the Ford Model A.

Also, we sell cars too so if you are in the market for a late model Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM or other domestic car or truck check out our current inventory.

If you are like me and you like tooling around in something old, cool and off the beaten path check out our classic car inventory.

Dennis Goddard: So Kahn,

Kahn: Yes!

Dennis Goddard: Tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Kahn: Well what I’m selling today is my BMW. I’ve had it for about 6 years. I’ve loved every, every drive I’ve ever taken in it. It’s a 1999 BMW 328i Convertible.

Dennis Goddard: Right.

Kahn: And really it’s one of my favorite kinds of cars.

Dennis Goddard: Great. So where have you driven it?

Kahn: I’ve driven it up the west coast. Up and down the west coast. I’ve been to Phoenix, Nevada. Pretty much the entire west coast, I’ve taken it.

Dennis Goddard: How did you hear about DennisBuysCars.com?

Kahn: I found your website when I did a Google search and typed in SELL MY CAR.

Dennis Goddard: Fantastic.

Kahn: Yeah I really liked your website a lot.

Dennis Goddard: Ok. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it and anytime we can help you again with anything car related, give us a call.

Kahn: I will absolutely come back.

Dennis Goddard: And don’t forget to tell your friends.

Kahn: I definitely recommend anyone to come and shop here.

Dennis Goddard: Thank you so much.