I Needed a Car Dealer Los Angeles

If You Are a Woman Selling Your Car

The LAST thing you want to do is put a “For Sale” sign on your car and drive around Los Angeles displaying your cel number.

I used to do this like everybody else and even as a guy I would get prank calls and comments about the car I was driving. It is only common sense to avoid strangers calling you that have no interest in buying your and remember, once they have your phone number once, they have it forever. So, as a woman selling your car the best thing to do is find a car dealer Los Angeles that can safely and quickly buy your car with no hassle.

Cynthia Typed in “Car Dealer Los Angeles”

This can be time consuming and can also be risky. There are many pitfalls when you sell a car on Craigslist. There are privacy issues, cashier’s check scams plus there are crazies out there! It is important to choose a licensed and bonded California Dealer. We have great reviews on Yelp and thousands of people just like you that have sold their cars to us.

Don’t forget we sell cars too! Check out our inventory, there might be something there you like.

Dennis Buys Cars is a car dealer Los Angeles that can easily determine the value of your car, make you a cash offer on the spot and have you on your way in fifteen minutes. We will buy your Car, Truck, SUV or Motorcycle. We are a Classic Car Buyer too. We even drive you home for free in a nice clean and shiny Uber or Lyft car!

Hear What Cynthia Has to Say About Her Experience

Dennis Goddard: So Cynthia, tell us about this car that you are selling today.
Cynthia: It’s a 2004 Dodge Stratus and I needed to sell my car to a car dealer Los Angeles and get into something newer so I came to Dennis Buys Cars and it turned out to be a win win situation.

Dennis: Tell us why you decided to sell to a car dealer Los Angeles as opposed to going through the hassle of selling it yourself privately.

Cynthia: For safety reasons. I think it is safer to have interaction with a car dealer Los Angeles and not have your number posted driving around. The wrong people could get it and you could run into some problems.

Dennis: Earlier when you came in you had your cel phone number on a “For Sale” on your car and had a bad experience.Tell us about that.

Cynthia: Idi, I did. It was just a bad experience, people calling you that really aren’t interested in the car. They’re more interested in a connection with you and it’s not safe as woman when I want to just sell my car. It’s better to just go to a car dealer Los Angeles here at Dennis Buys Cars. Dennis is honest, you get rid of the hassle so you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t want to meet with random people and they turn out not to be safe.

Dennis: So tell us, how did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Cynthia: I did a Google search and I don’t live far from here. It was an easy trip down Venice to 8931 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Dennis: When you did your online search, do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Cynthia: I typed in car dealer Los Angeles.

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