Sell My Classic Car

We love Classic Cars! Let’s face it, they just don’t build ’em like that anymore. Used to be a time when a Chevy was a Chevy and a Ford was a Ford. Not anymore, they all seem to blend in together these days.

The Classic Car market is here to stay. It has been said that when we become adults and have a little extra cash we remember the cars we lusted after when we were a teenager. Fourty to fifty years later they are now Classic Cars and these are the cars that are being snapped up in the Collector Car market by those who want to recapture their youth. Muscle Cars that could be had for pennies in the seventies can easily be worth over 100K now. So in essence, we have a new batch of old car enthusiasts every few years or so.

Here at we specialize in cool, old vehicles. We are buyers, restorers and sellers of Classic Cars, Trucks and even Motorcycles.

Maybe you inherited a vehicle that you need help disposing of. Call us and we can tell you what it’s worth and make you an offer. Maybe you have had an old Mustang for a while and now it’s time for something different. We will buy it!

We have been in the same location for over twelve years now, bought and sold thousands of cars and have GREAT REVIEWS!

Dennis Goddard: So Dr. Mel, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Dr. Mel: Well it is a classic car like me. It is a beauty, a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback.

Sell My Classic

I Needed to Sell My Classic Car

It is a little rocket and makes me feel young again.

Dennis: Absolutely, now I understand that there is an interesting story behind why you bought this car and why you are selling it.

Dr. Mel: Well I bought this classic car to give my wife this Valentine’s Day as a gift. She had one like it as a young woman and she wanted to relive it again. When we bought it home she found it was very difficult to handle on our very steep hill side with LA traffic. After I sell my classic car we would like Dennis Buys Cars to help find us another one.

Dennis: So it was experiment that you tried and didn’t work and you sold the car to us.

Dr. Mel: Correct we liked it when we had it just wasn’t right for Maryanne so we decided to sell my classic car.

Dennis: Let me ask you this, how did you hear about Dennis, at Dennis Buys Cars?

Dr. Mel: I went Online to sell my classic car.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Dr. Mel: I typed in Sell My Classic Car, Classic cars, Mustangs, Vintage Cars and Vintage mustangs.

Dennis: Great, how would you rate your overall experience with Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Dr. Mel: We found you to be very professional, fair and honest. Accommodating that too, for somebody in this business is a fresh breath of air.

Dennis: I tell you what thank you very much for coming in. Hopefully we can find the classic car that you would like.

Dr. Mel: Find a worthy owner for this one really beautiful piece. I really hate to sell my classic car.

Dennis: Yes it really is quite nice thank you very much.

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