I Typed in “Cash for Cars”

Amy is a faithful VW Beetle owner. She bought this one brand new with 15 miles on it and it has been her faithful companion since. She is not alone. The Volkswagen Beetle found its way into the hearts of American car buyers ever since the first two hit our shores in 1949. In the fifties American car manufactures were espousing the philosophy that “more is better” with 20 foot gas guzzling cars loaded with chrome, accessories and enormous fins. Along came this tiny, football shaped car with its bug eyed headlights. It had a ten gallon gas tank into which it was nearly impossible to fit $3 worth of gas. They soon developed a solid reputation for dependability, high gas mileage and infrequent need of repair. As each year went by the design remained basically the same but its loyal following grew and grew.

Amy took good care of her New Beetle but it had some miles on it and it was time for a new one. She went online a typed in “Cash for Cars” and Dennis Buys Cars popped up. It was very simple; she gave us a call and set up an appointment. A quick analysis was made on her car followed by a short test drive. We bought her car on the spot and released her liability. This was especially important to her because she has heard stories from her friends who sold their cars privately only to have the new owner amass parking and toll violations which came back to haunt them. In ten minutes she was off to the VW dealership with a check in hand to buy her new Beetle.

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