Selling Your Car is Quick and Easy

Edwin sells high end California real estate so it’s important for him to have a current, late model car so his customers feel safe and comfortable. As a result he sells his car every two years and noticed Dennis Buys Cars when he was driving down Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles one day. The sign that said “Cash for Cars” especially caught his attention so he pulled in.

When we buy a car we try try to make it as quick and easy as possible. First we take about ten minutes to examine the car. We check paint and body work to determine if there had been any previous fender benders. We listen to the engine and if the “Check Engine” is on we put a scanner on it for free and see what code is causing the light to come on. We check all the accessories, windows, sunroof, AC, stereo, etc. to see if anything needs to be repaired. Then we drive to see how it accelerates and shift through the gears. After the test drive we run a Kelley Blue on the car and see what similar cars are selling for at Manheim which is the dealer wholesale auction network of which we are an accredited member.

He has his eye on a new Tesla Model “S” because he does a lot of city driving and needed a full sized luxury car that gets good gas mileage. It was time to sell his 2006 Mercedes CLS500. Edwin is a busy guy and just doesn’t have time to deal with the public which would involve strangers coming to his house and test driving his Mercedes. He has sold cars privately in the past, it was time consuming and just not worth the hassle. Edwin chose Dennis Buys Cars because they are quick and easy. Plus they are well known and established since 2002 in the same location. Also, all his reviews are good!

We made an offer, discussed the price back and forth for a bit and came to terms with a figure all parties could be happy with.

“Everything went super smooth and I have already told a friend about Dennis,” Edwin said.

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