Jeff Sells His “Soccer Mom’ Van

Here at Dennis Buys Cars; you name it, we will buy it. In this case we have a young guy who just doesn’t need his Chevy van anymore. In a case like this the customer just does not want to deal with public and wants to get a fair price quickly with as little hassle as possible. Nobody wants to deal with idiots calling on the phone through a risky Craigslist ad, making appointments during your busy day and not even show up. We offer the convenience of buying it on the spot in less than fifteen minutes, we pay you in cold hard cash if you want and we even drive you home!

Dennis: Jeff, what do we have here? Tell us about this vehicle that you’re selling today.

Jeff: Oh we got this awesome mob gold Chevy Venture LT Extended car. It’s actually pretty sweet. It drives great but you know it is a soccer van. I used it as a production vehicle.

Dennis: I was just gonna say, what is a handsome guy like you; what the hell are you doing with a mommy van?

Jeff: I thought it was awesome! When I got it I said I’m even gonna live on this van. I’m gonna take it on the road and some things just didn’t work out so I figure it’s just time to move on

Dennis: Awesome. Great. Well I’m glad you found us. Tell us how did you find Dennis with DennisBuysCars?

Jeff: Um I Googled car consignment, I think. I saw something on Yelp and the I looked on Yelp and it was right in the neighborhood and I figured with all those great reviews, how can I go wrong?

Dennis: Awesome. Well listen Jeff we really appreciate you coming down. It’s very nice meeting you and chatting with you.

Jeff: Cheers! Appreciate it.

Dennis: Thank you.

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