1946 Mercury Convertible “Barn Find”

What is a Barn Find? A Barn Find is any classic car that has been sitting for many years in the same location. It doesn’t have to be a “barn” per se. It could be a garage, a field, driveway or a backyard. Many times these are treasures that have been long neglected for a variety of reasons. Usually the vehicle belonged to a person who is now deceased and the surviving relatives just let it sit. Or property owners have changed and the car, truck or motorcycle gets left behind. We rescuers love to find these cars that have been stored in a dry place rather than outside because moisture and rust can destroy these automotive pieces of history.
The trend lately is to put these classic cars on the market exactly as they are found, some even with the original dust covering! Recently, in one case in the same prestige auction, an unrestored Mercedes Gull Wing “barn find” that had been sitting for thirty years went for money than it’s clean and shiny restored counterpart.
In this case, a very rare 1946 Mercury Convertible was sitting in his Joe’s father’s garage for fifty years. His father passed away some time ago and Joe was reluctant to sell his father’s prized possession. Finally the time had arrived and Joe did a search for “Sell My Classic Car” online and found Dennis Buys Cars. We are constantly on the lookout for these icons of American automotive history. So if you know of a barn find that has been sitting neglected call us 310-253-9977 or CLICK HERE and we will make sure it gets the attention that it deserves.

Dennis Goddard: So Joe, tell us about this car. What is the year make and model?

Joe: 1946 Mercury convertible, two door. It’s been in the family since day one, I was told. I wasn’t around and they love the car. They took it out of the garage after 50 years ago, actually I gotta give you those pictures too. Its been a nice car. I’m glad it’s gonna go to somebody like Dennis who’s gonna work on it and fix it up nice.

Dennis Goddard: So your dad bought it new?

Joe: He bought it new and he got married in 1950, actually in 1949 they got married

Dennis: Awesome. So did he drive it everyday? Was this his regular transportation car?

Joe: Yes, and then he went camping with it. He put trailer hitch on it. I remember he had an old junky trailer he used to haul around, he used it to sleep in it.

Dennis Goddard: Wow! So how long has this car been parked, Joe?

Joe: 50 years

Dennis Goddard: 50 years?

Joe: 50 years, in this property

Dennis Goddard: Didn’t we find an old news paper in the back that said what?

Joe: 64 or 63, I think it was. Plus a metal tin man. So…I can show you

Dennis Goddard: Ok. Awesome.

Joe: And an oil can

Dennis Goddard: Wow. I’ll tell you what, I’m really glad I was able to have this opportunity to buy this car and it was very nice to meet you

Joe: Same here buddy

Dennis Goddard: Joe, how did you hear about DennisBuysCars?

Joe: I found it in the computer and I also found out that I talked to your lady. Yesterday I was able to talk to a friend of mine who said “hey! He’s bought a car from me before” So I was more happy about that.

Dennis Goddard: Awesome. Well, I really appreciate it. It was really nice to meet you and I’ll make sure it gets a good home.

Joe: Thank you.