1930 Ford Model “A”

Every once in awhile this job is just plain fun. Kevin called us and wanted to sell his 1930 Ford Model “A” which has been in his family for the last thirty two years. It was a brisk but sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles so I decided to take my trusty 1968 vintage BMW R60/2 motorcycle on the 45 mile trip to go see Kevin and the Model A.

When I arrived the gleaming beauty was parked in front of his house and I decided right then and there I was buying this car. It was just a matter of getting it at the right price.

Our goal here at Dennis Buys Cars and our division of Dennis Buys Classics to is buy affordable, cool, old cars, trucks and motorcycles, refurbish them and give them new homes.

We all hear about Ferraris going for millions at the prestige auctions but that is not what the average guy can afford. We go after the affordable classics that are more within reach financially. This Model A is the perfect example. It’s a super cool classic car that is a great investment and won’t break the bank. Plus it’s super fun to drive and gets “thumbs up” whenever you blast the “Ahhhoooogahh” horn!

We have Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, old Caddies, even a occasional Rolls Royce! Over the years virtually every car has come through our gates on Venice Boulevard.

We have developed great web presence over the years so if someone types in “Sell My Classic Car” or “Sell My Antique Car” or “Classic Car Value” our website is usually on the front page.

Dennis: So Kevin, tell us about this car that you’re selling today

Kevin: 1930 Model “A”, original condition. It’s got the 4 banger in it. It’s got a manifold high compression head, a new pump uh it was restored 32 years ago by my moms husband.

Dennis: Wow. So it’s been in your family all these years!

Kevin: Yeah

Dennis: And I drove this car for a minute around the block and it really seems like it runs well. So what have you done to this car to make it seem like it’s got a little more power?

Kevin: Just the high compression head and it’s got the…which you didn’t experience, it’s got the overdrive on the transmission. So pretty much the only thing I’ve done to it is the high compression head and a new water pump since I’ve owned it.

Dennis: Great. So, what was the best part of dealing with Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Kevin: Well he gave me a fair deal. Good guy. I like his bike!

Dennis: Ok great and how did you hear about us?

Kevin: My son in law here, he’s the one who found you

Nick: Got in the internet,

Dennis: Ok great and Nick do you remember what you typed in?

Nick: Dennisbuyscars.com

Dennis: No, I mean when you did the search

Nick: I typed in antique or classic autos.

Dennis: Antique or classic autos, Ok great. Well guys, it was really a pleasure and I’m glad I took the ride out here and hopefully we’ll find it a good home.

Kevin: That sounds good to me

Dennis: Thanks a lot.

Kevin: Thank you.

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