Inherited a Classic Car

Every classic car purchase has it’s story and this 1951 Buick Eight is no exception. It was bought by Vince’s mother-in-law when it was brand new in 1951 and had been parked in the same spot shown here since 1962. Also parked in the driveway was a 1962 Buick Special which we bought as well. She recently passed away at the age of ninety five so the family contacted Dennis Buys Cars because they Inherited a Classic Car.

We specialize in Classic Cars, Classic Trucks and even motorcycles. It is easy to find us online, just do a search for “Sell My Classic Car”, “Classic Car Value”, “Antique Car” and our website will pop up if you Inherited a Classic Car. We have also been at the same high visibility Los Angeles location since 2000.

If You Have Inherited a Classic Car We Can Help

We strive to find these “Barn Finds”, breathe new life into them and put them into the hands of enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship of vehicles from this bygone era. There are so many of these old cars languishing away in garages, backyards, driveways and fields. If you know about someone who has an old classic car, give as a call at 310-253-9977 or visit us online. We will pay a fair price, get it running again and find it a new home.

In addition to classics we have a good selection and we buy and sell late model Honda, Toyota and domestic cars and trucks also. If you Inherited a Classic Car and don’t want to hassle with selling your car yourself we will make it quick and easy.

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Dennis Goddard: So Vince tell us about the cars we have here.

Vince: This is a 1951 Buick. My aunt Marian owned it and we Inherited a Classic Car. Parked it while it was running and has been parked since 62. 1962.

Dennis Goddard: So it’s gonna need some air in the tires.

Vince: Ha! Yeah its gonna need some air.

Dennis Goddard: So do you think she bought the car new?

Vince: Oh yeah, I’m sure she bought the car new and now we have Inherited a Classic Car.

Dennis Goddard: Wow! So she parked it when it was running?

Vince: Yes it was running.

Dennis Goddard: Wow. So how did you hear about Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Vince: You know, ummm my daughter, my daughter found you on the website and then she gave the number to my wife and then she called.

Dennis Goddard: Ok we really appreciate it and how would you rate your overall experience with DennisBuysCars?

Vince: A 10. You did good.

Dennis Goddard: Ok great. We really appreciate it.

Vince: You bet’cha.

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Thanks for looking, Dennis Goddard. Tel. 310-253-9977