Sell My Motorcycle Los Angeles


“Time to Sell My Motorcycle!”

These are words that no guy or gal ever thought they would say but sometimes things happen, plans change and we have no choice.

If that day does come along it’s much better to sell your motorcycle to a dealer rather than selling it privately. Selling a motorcycle privately is a little trickier than selling your car on your own.

Mainly, you have the issue of the test drive. You can’t go with him on the test drive like you could in a car. Unless you want to hop on the back with him, I know I wouldn’t! There is no way you want a complete stranger jumping on your bike and taking off. You don’t know him, you don’t know his riding capabilities. What if he crashes it? Then what?

The old school method is that you demand that you hold full payment, in cash, while he rides it around the block. If he and the bike come back in one piece, done deal and everybody is happy. This procedure is good in theory but it is not for the feint of heart and remember we are dealing with an unpredictable total stranger.

Then you have the issue of having your liability released and being paid safely. When you sell your motorcycle to a licensed and bonded California dealer your liability is released immediately through our DMV Link and we will pay you in whatever manner you choose; cash, cashier’s check or company check.

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Dennis Goddard: So Katherine tell us about the bike you’re selling today?

Katherine: Hi, this is my 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 that I got when I first moved here to California and I’ll be selling it today. It’s just a little too much of a bike for me and I’ll be getting something in the future but I hope whoever gets this enjoys it.

Dennis: So wait a second, this is a 2016 bike? When did you buy it?

Katherine: I got it just a few months ago here at Honda Of Hollywood and its obviously a great bike but I haven’t been riding it so I’d rather get the cash for it and let someone else enjoy it.

Dennis: Ok, and so how many miles are on this 2016 bike?

Katherine: We just checked and there’s only 35 miles on this bike.

Dennis: 35 Miles! Ok, so everybody wants to know obviously why are you selling this bike? What happened?

Katherine: I took it out and I just scared myself. LA traffic is pretty crazy. I grew up on a farm and I was used to riding my 150 cc dirt bike, which I’ll probably be getting something like that in future, so it was just too much bike for me but I’m sure it will be perfect for somebody else.

Dennis: So Katherine, why did you decide to sell you bike to a dealer as opposed trying to sell it privately?

Katherine: Sure, I went online and I researched where to sell my motorcycle and I just realized there was going to be some hassles associated to sell my motorcycle privately, so I decided to go with what I found online which was go with a dealer.

Dennis: and how did you find us? Did you do an online search?

Katherine: Yup, I went and found an online search to sell my motorcycle and you came right up and it was pretty easy and I called you guys and gave me a quote really quickly and just a few hours later here I am to sell my motorcycle.

Dennis: Great, Now do you remember what it was you typed in when you did the online search?
Katherine: I think sell my motorcycle Los Angeles.

Dennis: Great, well thank you so much and we will find a good home for it!

Katherine: Please Thank you

Sell My Motorcycle Los Angeles