Motorcycle Sales

Think selling a car privately is a pain in the “you know what”? Well, selling a motorcycle privately is a whole different animal. It’s way easier to sell your motorcycle to a trusted dealer and let’s explore why.

The first and most obvious problem is the test drive. Remember, you are dealing with a complete stranger that saw your ad on Craigslist under Motorcycle Sales or one of the motorcycle forums. With a car it’s easy to jump in and go along for the ride. Not so easy with motorcycle sales. For sure you are not going to jump on the back of your own bike. Also, letting a stranger take it by himself for a joy ride is just not an option.

Another old school method is that you hold the full payment for your bike, in cash, while the prospect tests your bike. If he likes it, he keeps the bike and you keep the cash. It’s not always easy to pull this off and usually the buyer won’t go for it.

Even if you do make a deal, you cannot accept a check of any kind. Personal checks are an obvious no no and cashier’s checks can be phony or can stopped the next morning. Two weeks later when the bank debits your account your bike will be long gone.

Another problem is registration. In California you hand the title to the new owner and must trust him to go to DMV and do the transfer into his name in a timely manner. This doesn’t always happen smoothly. Sometimes they ride around on your registration, get tickets and they come back to you. Also, sometimes they are not buying the bike for themselves. These individuals are known as “Flippers” or “Curbstoners” who are unscrupulous, unlicensed dealers. You don’t want your title and your name floating around.

Many times your bike will be sitting in the garage for awhile, the registration has expired, the battery is dead or you can’t find the title.

Fielding calls from callers is time consuming and frustrating. Many people make appointments with, you arrange your schedule and they don’t even show up! Plus, who wants strangers coming to your house? Nobody wants an irate buyer banging on your door at 11PM wanting his money back because something is wrong with your former bike.

Even if you inherited the bike, it was on some property that you just bought or was left by a relative long ago. We are a licensed and bonded CA dealership. We are authorized for Motorcycle Sales and can easily research ownership and create the paperwork needed to buy it.

I think you are getting the idea. Be safe, save time and aggravation. Get the information you need. At Dennis Buys Cars and Motorcycles we specialize in Motorcycle Sales, do all the work and make it easy for you like we did for Julian. We will buy your motorcycle on the spot, pay in cash and give you an Uber ride home no charge. We will buy it strictly “As-Is” and release your liability.

Dennis Buys Cars and Motorcycles and Dennis Buys Classic Cars is a well known brick and mortar establishment for Motorcycle Sales that have been in the same location on Venice Blvd since 2003.

We have great reviews on Yelp and have thousands of satisfied customers that are interested in Motorcycle Sales. We are constantly buying cars, trucks, motorcycles and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Maybe you are interested in buying a new motorcycle, check out our inventory. If you have a late model car or truck, we will buy it.

Perhaps you are into Classic Cars. We will buy your classic car or check out our inventory of cool classic cars.

It’s so easy; call us, we will give an approximation what what we could pay, make an appointment and we will buy it! We look forward to hearing from you, just ask for Dennis!

Julian Did a Search for Motorcycle Sales and Found Dennis Buys Motorcycles

Dennis Goddard: So Julian tell us about this bike that you’re selling today

Julian: Yeah, this is a 2012 V-Rod the Night-Rod special, anniversary model. Came all the way from Hawaii, many miles, daily commuter bike, very reliable

Dennis: So this bike swam from Hawaii

Julian: All the way

Dennis: So Julian tell us why you decided to sale to a dealer as apposed to selling it privately?

Julian: It was a lot easier, it was really smooth. I latterly was here for 15 minutes if that. You knew the bike. You know the business and it was just a lot easier.

Dennis: Well, thank you. So did this bike swam all the way from Hawaii

Julian: Oh, yeah. All the way and all the way to San Diego and all the way back up to PCH

Dennis: Okay great, So Julian tell us how did you find Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Julian: It was actually a simple search online of just selling motorcycles and his was on top

Dennis: Right, so you did a search online. Now, do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search?

Julian: I think it was motorcycle sales, consignment sales, stuff like that, and yours consistently came up o the top

Dennis: You typed in motorcycles sales and consignment sale, motorcycles consignment sales

Julian: Yeah both and I think it was actually Motorcycle Sales yelp that was on optimally on the top

Dennis: Oh great, were glad that the search for motorcycle sales led you to us. So Julian, tell us about the best part of today’s transaction?

Julian: Straight up cash, no questions asked

Dennis: There it is, so us your cash. Yes, sir.

Julian thank you very much for coming we really appreciate it and if ever you have another bike for sale, let us know

Julian: Absolutely Dennis: Okay, Thanks

Motorcycle Sales