I Needed to Sell My Used Car


I Decided to Sell My Used Car

Ok, so I need to sell my used car. Trust me, you do not want complete strangers coming to your home. There are just too many crazies out there. For the extra few dollars you might get by selling your car privately, it just isn’t worth it.

You are an established, retired person. You have had a successful career, you live in a nice house and you don’t need anyone snooping around. Robbers first go to jewelry stores and banks “pretending” they are customers and “case out the joint”, right? The same thing can happen with selling cars on your own and here is how.

For example, let’s say you are selling your luxury BMW or Mercedes that you bought a brand new a few years ago. Now you put an ad on Craiglist and innocently mention the fact that you want to sell my used car and it is a one owner car because that would be a natural thing to do. You have now told the world that you are a wealthy person who could afford such a car when it was new, probably have many other nice belongings and probably live in a multi-million dollar home!

Now you leave yourself open for a fake cashier’s check scam or way worse and I think you catch my drift.

At Dennis Buys Cars you have a safe, established place to come and sell your car. We have thousands of satisfied customers and have solid reviews. There is zero risk and we handle everything. If it is a lease or loan and there is a balance we can guide you through the process. If you can’t put your hands on the title, we can still buy it. If it won’t pass smog or if the registration is not current, we can still buy it.

Plus, we will pay you in whatever manner you like. Some people only want green cash, not a problem. Some people are not comfortable with cash and only want a check, also not a problem.

We will safely and professionally walk you through the entire process. Also, we will beat all other written quotes, CARMAX included. When we are done we will even get you home using our courtesy Uber account.

So if you are thinking “Sell my used car”, be safe and sell your car to Dennis Buys Cars. We will make it easy, promise.

Retired Film Exec Talks About Dennis Buys Cars

Dennis Goddard: So Buzz, tell us about this car your selling today.

Robert “Buzz” Berger: This is a 2006 BMW 325xi Wagon that I bought for my wife. I picked it up in Munich and I just got her a new car so it’s time to get rid of this one.

Dennis: So you bought it brand new in Munich to bring home so I assume it’s a USA model.

Buzz: Yes, Beverly Hills BMW arranged the whole thing.

Dennis: So did you have a nice trip driving it around Europe?

Buzz: Yeah, we drove from Munich to Paris and dropped it off at Charles De Gaulle Airport, spent a few weeks in Europe and it was here in California when we arrived.

Dennis: So why did you finally decide to sell it?

Buzz: Well, it’s a 2006 Car and I decided my wife needed a new car although we only have 49,000 miles on it, it’s a great car. But, it was time to sell my car.

Dennis: Buzz, how did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Buzz: I heard about it online, on the Internet.

Dennis: So you did an online search for sell my used car and you found Dennis Buys Cars.

Buzz: Yeah, I checked a bunch of other places first then I ended up coming to see you.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Buzz: Probably “Sell My Used Car” or something like that.

Dennis: You mentioned that you went to couple of other places to sell your car first to get quotes and how would you compare the price we paid for your car and the service we provided?

Buzz: I think the service was first rate. I think the price is fair. I would have like a little more but Dennis is a tough negotiator so I settled for a little less because I needed to sell my used car but I still think it was a fair price.

Dennis: What do you feel the benefits are to selling a car to a dealer as opposed to selling your car privately?

Buzz; Well, selling a car yourself you’re really exposed to God knows who. People come to your house and you don’t know who they are and they want to take a test drive. You go with them and you don’t know if you’re gonna come back. It’s much easier and safer to sell my used car and deal with somebody like Dennis Buys Cars.

Dennis: Now Buzz, you have a very interesting nickname. Tell us how you got that name.

Buzz: Well, I grew up on a street in Chicago called Evergreen Avenue and there was this older kid on the street who gave everybody on the street funny names. He nicknamed me Buzzy Bananas, why I can’t remember, I think I was five years old at the time. Thank god the bananas part didn’t stick but the Buzz did. That funny kid turned out to be Harvey Korman who was a pretty well known comedian on the Carol Burnett Show.