Dennis Buys a Ford Classic Truck

Sell Us Your Classic Truck!

We are truly interested in the story behind your classic car, truck or motorcycle. We like to know how long you have had it, when and where did you buy it. Your fondest memories of owning it, etc.

There are so many great stories behind each classic. One time I asked a woman how long she had her 1962 Cadillac. “My mother drove me home the day I was born in this car!” she said.

Once a guy came in with a pristine 60’s Mercedes sedan that he said he had inherited from his father when he passed away. He explained that he had never even been in this car until today. He was born the same year as the car, literally grew up with the car in the family but his father would not even allow his kids to touch it let alone get inside of it.

There are interesting tidbits of information that we like to pass on to the new owner and not only keep the classic car alive but it’s history as well. To see many fun videos of people like you with stories and more stories like these CLICK HERE.

We know that you may have many reasons for selling your classic car or Classic Truck. Maybe it is a project that just never got finished. Maybe a baby came along and priorities changed. Maybe you have to move out of state and just can’t take it with you. Or you inherited the car and need a knowledgeable dealer to help you determine what it is worth and how to dispose of it.

We are the experts in classic cars, that Classic Truck and motorcycles with solid reviews and reputation. We can tell you what it is worth, we will tell you what we can pay for it and deal with removing it from your property at no additional hassle or expense on your part. Plus we can buy it it if the title is long lost, won’t pass smog or if it is not running or has expired registration. Plus, we can pay you with cash on the spot

Dennis Goddard: So Luke we have something very interesting here. Tell us about this old Classic Truck that you are selling today.

Luke: Well, this is a Ford F100, 1964. And it’s in great condition. I sold it to Dennis here, made a great deal. I think that’s the way to do it.

Dennis Goddard: So what’s the story with this Classic Truck. Where did you get it and how long have you had it.

Luke: I got it off somebody she works for a studio, he used it for some studio work. The original owner was a rancher who used it for haying for horses or whatever and I ended up meeting with him as well. He was one of these old rancher guys, a good guy.

Dennis Goddard: So essentially it’s a three owner Classic Truck.

Luke: Yeah three owners.

Dennis Goddard: So this is a California truck, I see it still has the original California Black Plates. So it looks relatively rust free and it’s a pretty cool, funky old truck.

Luke: Yeah, it’s great truck, I’ve had it a little over ten years and I love it but I’m moving to Portland and that’s the reason I’m selling it.

Dennis Goddard: Luke, how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Luke: Actually my wife found you online, she looked you up, sent an email to you, you got back to me this morning and that’s when we did the deal.

Dennis Goddard: do you remember what she typed in when she did a Google search to sell your Classic Truck?

Luke: I think “Sell my Classic Truck”. She did some Google thing, she’s a Google person, I’m not that Google.

Dennis Goddard: So what was the best part of your experience today selling your Classic Truck to Dennis Buys Cars.

Luke: Actually just because you’re holding the camera but you’re a good guy and I felt good about it and I think you’re gonna do well by the Classic Truck to. I see your other vehicles, you keep ’em in good shape. I think they go to good owners and that makes me happy too.