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OK, we have all been there before. You have had your car for awhile now but the time has come to sell it. You have basically two choices; you could sell it on your own or you could sell it to a dealer who is familiar with the fine art of buying and selling cars.

Selling your car on your own is not a slam dunk. You have to detail your car, nobody wants to buy a dirty car. You have to fix that clunk that it makes when you go over a bump, invs an expert at buying and selling cars. We have been in business since the year 2000 and have a solid reputation with thousands of satisfied customers. It is safe, convenient, easy and quick to sell your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle to us. We even buy Classic Cars. Check out our fun videos!

estigate why the “Check Engine” light is on, get it smogged, fix that $300 thing that you have been avoiding, you’re getting the idea.

Then you have to take pictures, place an ad on Craigslist which can be risky and then the fun begins. First you will be bombarded with arrogant people who barely speak English who are offering 20% of what you are asking. Then, if one sneaks through they will make an appointment around which you have planned your day and not even show up.

Also, it just isn’t a good idea to have strangers coming to your house and knowing where you live. If you are a woman selling your car you don’t want people having your cel phone forever.

Dennis Buys Cars i

It is simple, call us and we will give you a free evaluation and approximation of what we can pay on the phone. Then make an appointment, bring it down and we will buy it. Don’t worry about a ride because part of our service is we get you home in a nice clean and shiny UBER or LYFT car.

We pay the highest price in town and beat all written offers including CARMAX.

Call us now! We will be glad to help you.

Christina Did a Search for “Selling Cars”

Dennis Goddard: So Christine, tell us about this car that you’re selling today?

Christina: Well this is my beloved car. I have owned it for 20 years and now I am going to release it to Dennis and hopefully he is going to take care of it and I believe he will. He is a very good gentleman and I highly recommend him. He knows about selling cars

Dennis: Great, thank you ,so what is the year, make, and model? What do we have here?

Christina: It is a 1992 Jaguar Sovereign and it has 138,000 miles on it. It is in very good condition except some little thing had to be taken care of.

Dennis: You bought it 20 years ago. So you bought it when it was just a baby.
Christina: Yes, Yes that is correct. It is a nice car.

Dennis: So Christina, tell us why you decided to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling cars privately?

Christina: Well actually, someone referred me to Dennis and they got very good reputation at selling cars and they handled all my stuff real good and I don’t have to worry about it so I just give it to him, I released it to him.

Dennis: So you heard about us from a referral?

Christina: Referral yes and also I checked online and DMV have you listed over there so that’s why.

Dennis: So when you checked us online for reviews, do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Christina: that’s very good everything is ok

Dennis: What did you type in when you did the search?

Christina: It was selling cars or something like that I forgot.

Dennis: And what was the best part of your experience here today?

Christina: Knowing the boss. Very friendly and I had everything done in 5-10 minutes.

Dennis: Ok great, well we really appreciate it Christina thank you for coming in today.

Christina: Ok see you then.

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