Michael Kalish and His Classic Truck

Artist Michael Kalish, recently noted for his dramatic sculpture of boxer Floyd Mayweather, was looking for a father and son project so he purchased this 1949 Dodge Classic Truck from Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars.

He had it painted this gleaming black, did many mechanical upgrades, enjoyed it for a couple of years and decided to consign it with Dennis Buys Cars to sell it on his behalf.

Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classic Cars sell and deliver cars all over the world. There is a thriving market for Classic Cars, Classic Trucks and motorcycles.

Within a short period of time we were able to find a new owner for Michael’s Classic Truck right here in Southern California.

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Michael Kalish Talks About His Classic Truck and Dennis Buys Cars

Dennis Goddard: We have here the wonderful artist Michael Kalish, and were doing something interesting today with this cool classic truck of his. Lets let Michael tell us what were doing today.

Michael: Dennis is the best, I love this classic truck. I wanted a project forever 15 years got this from him. Restored it did some paint, tuned it around, used it for a big photoshoot for this new brand that we launched. Its just awesome it took great care of me.

Dennis: And so what do we have here? What’s the year, make, and model?

Michael: 1949 Dodge Classic Truck. This thing runs man. Never stopped drove it every day, has a beautiful bed. Put all my art in it. We used it in a photo shoot for a new American brand that we launched. Couldn’t get anything better.

Dennis: Ok, so tell us a little about the back story on this classic truck, where did you get it. And tell us what were doing today?

Michael: Yeah, well were getting rid of this classic truck and it was a fantastic find that you found for me and I took and I wanted to do a little work to. Didn’t require much but got it looking pretty!

Dennis: So you bought this classic truck from us what a year ago?
Michel: Yup, bought it from you did some restoration on it and yeah selling it to another guy & giving another story.

Dennis: So then what we did was we sold it to you a year ago and we took it back on a consignment so we sold it on your behalf to a new person.

Michael: Yeah that’s right.

Dennis: Well ill tell you what, its been a pleasure meeting you and doing this transaction. Tell us your website so my viewers can take a look at the wonderful stuff that you do.

Michael: Yeah its Michaelkalish.com check it out.

Dennis: Great, we will make sure we visit. thank you very much Mike.

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