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Carmen Sells Her Classic ’57 Thunderbird

Sometimes, being one of the nation’s top Classic Car Buyers can sure be a lot of fun but it sure started out with old fashioned hard work. Dennis Buys Cars opened its doors on Venice Blvd. in August of 2003 as a licensed and bonded California dealer. Our mission statement was offering good solid, everyday used cars and trucks the average guy and gal could afford with a price point of below $9,995 retail. The business took hold, started sinking roots in the local community.

Dennis Goddard, founder and namesake of Dennis Buys Cars has always been an enthusiast of classic cars since he bought his first car at 18 years old. This being a 1960 British Racing Green MGA . He paid his High School buddy a princely sum of $500 which broken down into a down payment of $250 and the remaining $250 in two weeks. Thus, “In-House Financing” was born!

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“I Searched Online for Classic Car Buyers.”

Let’s listen in on the moment Dennis bought this classic 1957 Ford Thunderbird from Carmen:

“Hi, this is Dennis Goddard again of Dennis Buys Cars. As classic car buyers we are constantly searching garages, backyards and barns looking for interesting cars. We have found another one today we have Carmen who will tell us more about this classic. Carmen tell us about this car that you are selling today?”

Carmen: This is my 1957 Ford Thunderbird it was given to me in 1985 because its a 1957 and I was born in 1957. I drove it for a while then I got pregnant with my son I was having trouble slipping in and out of a little sports car. So I started using a momobile basically I stopped driving it for a while. It sat in my ex-husband’s garage for 27 years. I drove it for a few years then after I had my children I stopped driving it and focused on my life as a parent. Unfortunately it sat in the garage for many years and then I decided to learn more about Classic Car Buyers in Los Angeles.

Dennis: So how long did this car stay parked like this?

Carmen: 27 years.

Dennis: Okay so wait a second so you were about 11 when you parked this car right?

Dennis: Well thank you for the compliment. So finally why after all these years why did you decide to sell it. Well I am remarried now and my husband and I are semi-retiring to Arizona so we were trying to figure out what we want to do to the car should we take it, should we leave it should we sell it. Finally we came with the decision that we should probably sell it. Even though a lot of people were coming in that they were interested in the car. I really wanted this car to go to somebody that would appreciate a 1957 T-Bird. I looked online, searched for Classic Car Buyers and I found Dennis Buys Cars. I called the next day he was at our garage looking at the car and the rest is history. I am really excited that the car is going to someone that can give it some love and care and restore it and fix it and sell it to somebody that’s going to go to a good home basically.

Dennis: Carmen why did you decide to sell it to a dealer as opposed to trying to sell it yourself privately?

Carmen: Well I looked online I saw that Dennis had some really good yelp reviews so I went to the yelp page and went through the reviews and I thought this is the person that I really want to work with. I am a business owner my self and I really rely on my yelp reviews. That was probably the main reason. I knew that I wasn’t going to be dealing with all these problems he knew the car he understood it that he realized it was a classic and a collectable.

Dennis: Awesome when you did the online search do you remember what it was that you typed in?

Carmen: I put selling 1957 T-Bird for Classic Car Buyers. I remember that.

Dennis: Carmen thank you so much we really appreciate it we promise we are going to make it look beautiful and get it to a good home.

Carmen: I have a feeling I would be a customer of Dennis sometime in the future.

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