I Googled “Classic Car Buyers”

Dennis Buys a Classic 1965 Ford Mustang GT

We love Classic Cars. Especially especially rare Classic Cars. And that is the case with this 1965 Ford Mustang GT. The GT’s were a special appearance and performance option that was available in the beginning of 1965. It included a more powerful engine, a stiffer suspension, disc brakes, dual exhaust and special instrumentation. It is also the most plagiarized of all the Mustangs so to find an authentic one like this is a special occasion.

It started with Brent doing an online search to find a buyer for classic cars. He typed in “Classic Car Buyers” and our website popped up. He came to the right place because not only are we experts on Classic Cars in general but Mustangs are our specialty.

Brent gave us a call and explained that he was in the San Jose area so obviously this called for a little creativity to get the deal done. First we started with pictures and it was determined that this could very well be a correct GT. These don’t come on the market very often, he was asking a reasonable price so Dennis jumped on a plane the next morning with cash in his pocket.

We Top the List of Classic Car Buyers

The car was quickly examined and all indications were that this was a correct GT. But we would not know for sure till we got it home home, put it on a lift, took a few things apart and did a complete assessment.

We struck a deal, counted the cash on the hood of our new Mustang, jumped in and started the drive back to Los Angeles. There was such heavy fog that it turned into a ten hour drive. But at least factory Mustang GTs come with fog lights!

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Let’s listen in on the day Dennis bought this awesome Mustang GT from Brent:

Dennis Goddard: So Brent, tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Brent: A 1965 Ford Mustang GT.

Dennis: What can you tell us about it?

Brent: Actually I got this car from my boss in lieu of payment. It’s only had two owners, it’s been in the San Jose area forever.

Dennis: It’s obvious that you and I had to come together on this because we are in Los Angeles and you are in San Jose. Tell us about that.

Brent: Actually, in the world today there are not a lot of people that would get on an airplane and fly up here and Dennis did handle that and he had cash for my classic car when he got here.

Dennis: That’s exactly like it happened. How did you hear about Dennis and Dennis Buys Cars?

Brent. Search engine. I Googled Classic Car Buyers and you guys were number one or two.

Dennis: How would you relate your overall experience at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Brent: Do you want stars or numbers? I’ll give you a ten.

Dennis: What was the best part of your transaction with Dennis Buys Cars?

Brent: He’s got the snazziest shoes around. You’re one of the honest Classic Car Buyers. You were on time and you paid me in cash for my classic car.

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