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Here at Dennis Buys Classic Cars, we buy classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. That’s what we love and that is what we do!

If you have a classic car that you want to sell it’s not quite as easy as selling a late model car. First you have to figure out what it’s worth. This could be a widely varied amount depending on condition and options. For example, a 1970 Chevy Chevelle came with six engine and transmission combinations and thirteen model variations. Plus there are interior options such as power windows, bucket seats and air conditioning all of which add or detract from the value widely. Then there is the much maligned science of “numbers matching” which also plays a major factor in value. Kelley Blue Book Official Guide for Early Model Cars is a great source of information.

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars, we buy classic cars and will accurately identify what you have and what it’s worth. Choosing the correct price point is the first and most important step in selling your classic car. There is no charge to call us and “pick our brains”.

A common mistake that sellers of classic cars make is that they go online and find the best one they can find similar to theirs and price their car similar to the high retail asking price of the car they found.  What people are asking for a classic car sometimes can be way different then what they get for that classic car, truck or motorcycle.

When you price a car too high, everybody sees it and ignores it. Then when you lower the price out of necessity then it has become “stale” in the market place. We are the experts in classic cars, we buy classic cars and we can help you figure out what it’s worth and develop a plan to help you dispose of it for the highest possible dollar amount.

There is an element of risk also when selling a classic car privately. You certainly don’t want some unqualified tire kicker test driving your baby plus it’s never a good idea to let people know where you live. Then there is the subject of payment; a check of any kind is just not acceptable and dealing with large quantities of cash with strangers just is not comfortable.

Since 2003 we buy classic cars, trucks and motorcycles at the same location serving thousands of satisfied customers. Check out our Yelp reviews and fun video testimonials. We specialize in classic cars, trucks and motorcycles that won’t break the bank. There are so many classic cars that can be had for less than $20,000 and that is our specialty. Check out our selection of classics and you will see what I mean.

If your selling a late model luxury car or anything with wheels for that matter, we will buy it! If you want to sell your car it is safest to sell to a dealer but if you want to sell it yourself we have put together a handy guide for you to follow. There are special concerns if you are a woman selling your car. Plus, if late model vehicles are your thing, at Dennis Buys Cars we have an inventory for you to look at!

Mike Did a Search for “We Buy Classic Cars”

Dennis Goddard: So, Mike tell us about this truck that you’re selling today?

Mike: This is a 1965 Chevy C20, which is like the long bed truck. I put in a lot of work into this thing. I put a lot of things on the suspension, I bagged it, it drops it goes up and down, its very cool.

Dennis: So it goes up and down?

Mike: It goes up and down its like, it was done by a place in Lomita it was Braun’s Automobile & Hot Rod. They are well known they do car shows and do high end work.

Dennis: Pretty cool.

Mike: All the wells and everything were redone.

Dennis: So tell us why did you finally decide to sell it?

Mike: Well it’s as always, bills, bills, bills, bills, the first of the month is coming up. I’d had this for a while, trying to limit my toys a little bit.

Dennis: And so tell us why you decided to sale it to a we buy classic cars dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Mike: Because selling it privately I find a lot of people come out, they check it out, they go cool truck, they start it up, and they drive it around. And you go through this thing over and over and over again day after day. They’re always chiseling on you and everything for it too. And I thought man, it’s just so much easier if I can make a deal that’s with in sort of the range that I’m looking for obviously its going to be a little leas selling it a dealer but I know I’ve done it, its out the money is there its not so much of a hustle. It probably makes it easy.

Dennis: So tell us how did you fine Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars?

Mike: The Internet.

Dennis: I see. So you did an online search?

Mike: Yeah, I typed we buy classic cars

Dennis: You typed, we buy classic cars?

Mike: Yeah.

Dennis: And you found Dennis Buys Cars?

Mike: Right

Dennis: Well awesome. I’ll tell you what, were really glad you came Mike and thanks very much. And were going to finish it up and fine a good home for it.

Mike: I look forward to seeing it.

Dennis: Thanks very much.


We Buy Classic Cars