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Hi this is Dennis Goddard again of Dennis Buys Cars and Dennis Buys Classic Cars. Today’s subject is; people ask me all the time, “Dennis, where do you get these cars, where do you find ’em?”

I say it’s simple, they throw them over the fence at night when I’m not looking! Nah, just kidding. They come to me in a very unique manner, a very modern matter. Now we have something called the Internet, it’s absolutely fantastic. 99% of my cars come from people like you. They come from people who are selling their cars. What do they do, they go online and they type in “Sell My Classic Car”, “I Inherited a Classic Car”, “Who Buys Classic Cars”, “Buy Classic Car”, “Classic Cars and restoration”, this type of thing.

And then what happens is, it leads them to us. Websites are no longer “set it, and forget it” like it use to be twenty years ago. You have to constantly add content to your website. And with help from the fabulous people at Nickswebworks we have optimized our website to the extent that if anyone types in these so called keywords such as “Buy Classic Car”, it comes to us.

Also we have been very busy so I would like to give you an update of what came in most recently.

Dennis Buys Classic Cars is LA’s home of “The Affordable Classic”

Right here we have a super cool 1964 MGB Convertible. It was owned by an elderly person who did an online search to sell his classic car and he typed in “Buy Classic Car”.

Next we have a vey cool old truck, a 1951 Chevy. We have this really awesome 1962 Jaguar MK 2. Again, this was a car that some young people inherited from the parent who died. They did a search for buy classic car. This is a one owner car that sat in the garage for thirty years.

We have two super cool 1957 Red Ford Thunderbirds. This one here is also a one owner car. And this is another ’57 Thunderbird that we bought from a lady who could just no longer use it. She typed in “Buy Classic Car”.

Oh, look at this, this came in yesterday. A 1970 Ford Torino GT with a 351 V8 in it. It’s got the California Blue Plates. I’ll show you, in 1970 the plates were blue. There we have it, a 1970 Ford Torino GT.

Oh, look at this over here. You won’t see this too often folks, this is a 1975 Bricklin with the gull wing doors. This also has a Ford 351 motor in it. This was a situation where a man inherited it from his mother who passed away and he searched online for a classic car buyer and typed in “Buy Classic Car”.

Here we have a Porsche 914 and another Jag, a 1958 Jaguar Mark 8 and
we have a 1985 Mercedes Turbo-Diesel, the taxi cab of the world.

Also, this is a very nice car, it’s a 1973 Mercedes 220. ’73 was the last year of the small bumpers so they are very sleek looking and have a very cool look to them.

Moving over here we have a couple of Mustangs, two 1967 Mustangs. A white one and a black one.

Oh, look at this. This is a on family owned 1966 Dodge Charger with the big block 383 V8 in it. The daughter did an online search, typed in “Buy Classic Car” and found Dennis Buys Classic Cars.

I should also mention that we now buy motorcycles. So, Dennis Buys MotorcyclesDennis Buys Motorcycles. We have a couple of Harleys, we have here what they call a “Shovelhead”. And a couple of scooters. All of these bikes came to us in the same manner. Somebody typed in “Who Buys Motorcycles” or “Buy Classic Car” and boom, Dennis Buys Cars popped up.

So there you have it. We are the home of affordable Classic Cars and motorcycles. So if you have a classic car you want to sell or if you are looking to buy a classic car check out our website. There might be something there you like. Thanks, for watching!

Just Go To Google and Type In: “Buy Classic Car!”


Buy Classic Car