Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet

Dennis Finds Another Automotive Treasure

It’s amazing the amount of treasures that are lurking hidden away in garages and backyards in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Our mission here at Dennis Buys Classic is to find them, dust them off, get them running and give them a new life.

This Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet is no exception. How could such a classic car sit in one place since 1977 and not even be noticed? Easy, it was hiding behind a closed door all these time just as I am sure countless others are right this moment as we speak. If this car was in plain sight out in the driveway, the world would have beaten a path to his door.

The Mach 1 Was One of Ford’s Ultimate Muscle Cars

1969 was the peak of horsepower wars between Chevy, Ford and Chrysler Corporation.  The Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet was Ford’s pinnacle of horsepower achievement. It was literally a race car fresh out of the showroom. Lucky are the few who have had the experience of jamming the gas pedal and having their neck snap back from the sheer power of its 500+ horsepower.

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Let’s listen in as Dennis buys this awesome Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet from Gil and check out our other videos as well.

Dennis Goddard: So Gilbert tell us tell us the story, tell us the history about this car here.

Gilbert: Well my wife, when I met my wife she was driving it, in 1973. Around 1977 she had trouble with the carburetor, she kept taking it to the various people to fix it and she took it to two masters and she got on the freeway and the engine blew. So then we had it towed home and everybody wanted to give me $600 for the car. I decided that I should pay $600 if I couldn’t get no engine.

Gild Bought This Mach 1 Brand New in 1969

Dennis: That’s very true so what do we have here? What’s the year, make and model? Gilbert: is the Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.

Dennis: Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet with the 428 in it.

Gilbert: 428 Cobra Jet Engine.

Dennis: So your wife bought it, did she buy it brand new?

Gilbert: Yes, she bought it brand new. I was looking at the paperwork and it said she bought it on 7/11/1969

Dennis: So how long has it been sitting here?

It Sat In the Garage Since 1977

Gilbert: Since 1977, since it blew the engine.

Dennis: Wow, so how many miles are on the car itself?

Gilbert: I think 47,000 miles, did you look at the dash?

Dennis: Yes, I did it 47,000 miles. It looks to be in pretty good shape other than an inch of dust on it.

Gilbert: Oh yeah I think I haven’t washed it off in a couple of years.

Dennis: Right.

Finally It Was Time To Sell So He Called Dennis

Gilbert: We go out and wash it off but you know I’m getting too old for that.

Dennis: So did you guys drive it and went on dates together in it?

Gilbert: Oh yeah we drove it, I used to drive it to play golf. We drove it up to Bakersfield one time and then the oil fields up there in Taft I got it up to about 119 and then I step on the gas and I want to go some more but I got chicken and then, this is the far as I wanted to go.

Dennis: So you had problems with the original motor and then so from what I understand you found another 428 and you took the heads off that original motor and…

Gilbert: I found another 428 from another Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.

Dennis: I see right here, and you took the heads off that motor and put it on to this one.

Dennis Evaluated the Car and Made a Cash Offer

Gilbert: Well, when the guy gave me this one I realized I still had this heads and I knew it wasn’t the right heads for that engine. I took it to another place and had them take those heads off and put this heads on there, which was the heads that it should it have. The guy had a 428 engine and I think he swap on me and sold me a bill of goods. In the meantime I put it all together and I just got too old.

Dennis: Well, we’ll figure it out the puzzle. How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Classic Cars Gilbert?

Gilbert: I just decided to get on the computer and find somebody who maybe wanted to buy it, cause I need to clean this garage out. My wife and I are getting old and we need to sell the Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet and take care of a lot of business.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in when you did the search online? Gilbert: I typed in classic cars buyers and Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.

Dennis: Great, you found us. What was the best part of today’s transaction?

Gilbert: Well I think just the idea of…I trusted you first of all.

Dennis: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Gilbert: Just the general conversation, is not that I don’t get the idea that you are a hustler.

Dennis: Right

Gilbert: We love automobiles…

Dennis: and dogs.

Gilbert: and dogs.

Dennis: This is the last question. Why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as oppose to selling it privately?

Gilbert: Well, privately people come over, you don’t know who’s private anymore. You don’t know who you can trust anymore. You tried to do somebody that is reputable, but buyers haggle. We didn’t haggle.

Dennis: Maybe a little bit

Gilbert: A little bit, but they go on, well I’ll come back and it’s more hassle than anything. I just decided the other day to donated my truck, a 1977 Chevy truck.

Classic 1969 Ford Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet