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We love old Cadillacs and we are serious Classic Cadillac buyers. Cadillac is the second oldest automobile manufacturer in the United States founded in 1902 which even pre-dates Chevrolet by nine years. No single American brand bespeaks, luxury, quality and the pinnacle of achievement as Cadillac does. Few marques have established themselves with the reputation of integrity, performance and collectibility as well as Cadillac.

This formal 1956 Cadillac 75 Series limousine is no exception. There were only 900 some odd examples made with the very rare electric glass divider. This car had everything, AC front and rear with vents on the ceiling, power windows, power brakes, separate rear AM-FM radio with high quality speakers. Plus, this 5,000 pound car was no slouch, its powerful V8 could easily hurtle is occupants swathed in pure luxury at 100MPH plus.

There are classic cars, trucks and motorcycles sitting in backyards, hiding in garages and under carports all over this country and Dennis Buys Cars is on a mission to find them, restore them to their former glory and pass them on to eager new owners.

We are Local Los Angeles Classic Cadillac Buyers

Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classic Cars will buy that project that you just haven’t had a chance to finish, the classic car that was inherited or any classic car that just needs a new home. We are Classic Cadillac Buyers of course but we are also buyers of all types, Muscle Cars, old trucks, sports cars and foreign vehicles.

We are a Licensed and Bonded California Dealer and have been at it now for almost thirteen years and we love what we do. As one of Los Angeles’ top Classic Cadillac Buyers, we can help you. WE have a decades worth of happy customers that have sold us their classic car or late model car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.

For the research minded we have a wealth of information regarding buying and selling cars for you to examine. Check out our reviews on Yelp and fun videos. Don’t forget we sell classic cars and we sell late model vehicles as well as being¬†Classic Cadillac buyers.

Selling a classic car or any car for that matter on your own is not a simple thing. Let us take the hassle out of a potentially time consuming process.

Dennis Goddard: So Mike, Tell us about this car that we have here?

Mike: Alright, So we got a 1956 Cadillac Limo which I purchased for my father. I was going to restore it and give it to him for his 70th birthday but the economy went soft. I lost my ass in real estate. Here we are selling it to Dennis, Dennis is gonna give it a good home, so were all good.

Dennis: Awesome, So tell us the history as far as you know about the person you bought it from? Did you buy it from the original owner?

Mike: I originally bought ti from the son of the previous original owner. The car was originally ran in Bakersfield and that guy moved and had it in LA and he had 6 cars in his lot and his wife was yelling and screaming at him that he had to get rid of it. It was either going out of the country or to me so I stepped up to the plate cause I had a plan, but my plan backfired. But here we are.

Dennis: So its a California car then?

Mike: Its a California car with he original black plates.

Dennis: So, tell us why you decided to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it yourself?

Mike: Cause I knew a dealer would come through with the money, period.

Dennis: Apparently we accomplished that.

Mike: Yes, Yes we did.

Dennis: And Mike, How did you find Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Mike: Dennis Buys Cars on his website. Searching on Google for Classic Cadillac buyers and I found Dennis, his website popped up.

Dennis: Ok, so you typed in Classic Cadillac Buyers?

Mike: Yes.

Dennis: Wow very interesting. So I guess you saw the picture of the ’33 Caddy that we had.

Mike: I did it was beautiful car.

Dennis: Well Mike we really appreciate it, thanks for searching Classic Cadillac Buyers and selling us this car and I haven’t figured what were gonna do with it but we will either find it a home or tidy it up.

Mike: Well once you have it restored call me back I might have the money to buy it back by then!