Custom 2012 Chevy Camaro

People sell their cars for all types of reasons; They move to another location, they might downgrade from a two car family to one, maybe it doesn’t pass smog or maybe they just want to upgrade to a newer one. The two top reasons why people sell their car is that they could use some extra cash or they just don’t want the hassle and risk of selling a car to the public. It’s safer if you don’t have strangers coming to your house. What if they crash your car while they are test driving it? Plus you have the issue of being paid. Cashier’s checks can bounce just like a personal check so do you want to be counting out cash on a Starbucks patio? What if the car breaks down right after you sell it? You don’t want an irate person demanding that you buy it back. That’s where we come, we take care of the hassle and make it quick and easy.

With the advent of the Internet it is so easy to find Dennis Buys Cars. Simply do a Google search, type in “sell my car Los Angeles”, “cash for my car”, “sell car to dealer” or even “what is my car worth” and Dennis Buys Cars will pop up. Give us a call, we will give you an approximate quote of what we could pay, set up an appointment and we will buy it! Simple as that.

Also, we sell cars too. If you are looking for that special car or truck CLICK HERE for full descriptions, many photographs, VIN#’s and CARFAX Reports.

Dennis: So, Andrew…tell us about this car we have here.

Andrew: It’s a 2012 Chevy Camaro. Got low mileage. It has a lot of custom features on it. It’s definitely one of a kind car.

Dennis: I can see that. I can see the red lights

Andrew: Yup. Custom stereo system

Dennis: Awesome, and umm why are you selling it today?

Andrew: I need the cash. I’m a musician, struggling here in LA. So, you know, still hitting the streets. You know, working hard.

Dennis: Great. Actually this is a very nice car for a starving musician.

Andrew: Yup. My family’s very nice.

Dennis: So how did you hear about Dennis Goddard at dennisbuyscars?

Andrew: I did a Google search and I read all the different places and this, you know, and Dennis seemed cool and video testimonials spoke for themselves and just a great, great business transaction overall.

Dennis: Awesome. Do you remember what you typed in when you did the search?

Andrew: I just typed in sell my car and Hollywood California

Dennis: Great and Andrew, what was the best part of the transaction today?

Andrew: Well it has yet to occur but it will be when I receive that check. Absolutely.

Dennis: Awesome. Well, we are doing that right this minute. Andrew, thank you very much. We really appreciate you coming down and now that you’re in LA, anything you need car wise just let us know.