1955 Ford Thunderbird

Chevrolet came out with 1953 Corvette and America’s love affair for sports cars began. Ford was not going to be left out in the cold so in 1955 the Ford Thunderbird was released. It had sleek lines, choice of convertible with removable hard top and a powerful V8. The war for sports car supremacy between GM and Ford had begun in earnest.

A unique opportunity to acquire this Wimdledon White beauty arose and we were going to do our best to make it ours. Dennis Goddard and Dennis Buys Cars have made it our mission to purchase these icons of automotive history and place them in the eager hands of our classic car purchasing clientele who we have nurtured since we opened our doors in the year 2000.

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Dennis: So John, tell us about this car that you’re selling today

John: 1955 Thunderbird, 2 door, hard top convertible.

Dennis: Awesome.

John: Beautiful car.

Dennis: Looks to be in very good condition. How long have you had it?

John: About Eighteen years.

Dennis: Really? Wow so tell me what you did to it.

John: It’s been completely remodeled, restored. It’s got a new interior. The motor has been redone. It needs a few things but overall it’s in great, great condition. Good shape. It’s gonna make someone a fine car

Dennis: Awesome. So does it have the very distinctive Thunderbird hard top as well?

John: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Dennis: Wow. Wow. Nice so tell us what is your fondest memory of owning this car John.

John: Crenshaw Blvd. 1998. Nice cruising down Crenshaw; drove it in from San Bernardino. That’s about the greatest time I’ve had in a car, had the top off. It was a beautiful night. Great Southern California night. Everything was great.

Dennis: So tell us, how did you hear about DennisBuysCars?

John: My friend Roger gave me the website and I went to the website, made the phone call. Great experience.

Dennis: Great. Great. So, what was the best part of the transaction today with DennisBuysCars?

John: No Hackle. Just good clean business the way I like to do business. Fantastic

Dennis: Thanks so much for coming down. I really appreciate it and hopefully we can do a few more car deals down the road.

John: Beautiful. We’ll see you soon Dennis. Thank you.