Dennis Buys Cars Purchases a Motorcycle through Estate Sale

“I found they were very efficient and knew exactly what to do with regards to the estate and they had a fair price,” Lisa said.
Dennis Buys Cars is truly a full service organization. Not only do we buy cars and trucks but we now are authorized to buy and sell motorcycles and to handle estate sales small and large involving motor vehicles of any type and value. In this particular case Lisa was named as executor of the estate of her cousin who died suddenly at the age of 63.
This is a unique responsibility. In addition to carrying out the directions of his will she must also locate any heirs, dispose of property, take care of any debts or estate taxes that are due and file all the necessary Federal and State forms. All this usually requires the assistance of, and here comes the dreaded word; attorney.
The attorney, who happened to be a nice guy by the way, located Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Cars and arranged to have the Suzuki motorcycle brought to our location and to meet with Lisa. The first thing we do is inspect the motorcycle, do some research on the value of the bike, test drive it (the fun part), and make an offer. Lisa was happy with deal, we completed the paperwork, wrote her a check and this portion of her duties as executor was now completed in about fifteen minutes.
In many similar cases, but without a formal executor such as Lisa, customers contact us who have had a parent or grandparent die and were left an older vehicle, classic car or truck in their will to them that they need to sell. It may have been an unfinished project, or was just sitting in the backyard or in a garage for years gathering dust and the heir needed an expert to determine the value. This happens on a regular basis. The heir usually goes online and types in “What is my classic car worth” or “Sell my motorcycle for cash” or “I inherited a car” and finds us. We make it easy; first we figure out the fair market value, we will make a fair offer based on our research and handle all the estate and DMV paperwork; all in one simple visit.
We have had many a classic Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Corvette, MG, Alfa Romero, Jaguar come to us in just this manner. There are many such treasures wasting away in driveways and barns that the children and grandchildren just don’t know what to do with it. Don’t have the junkman haul them away; you might not know what you have and it may be worth big bucks.
If you have been named executor of an estate which contains motor vehicles of any kind, contact us and we can help you every step of the way.
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