Dennis Goddard Gives a Tour of Dennis Buys Cars

Hi I’m Dennis of What I would like to do is give you a little tour and give you an example of the type of cars that we have on the lot at any given day.
You never know what you’re going to find here. For example, take a look at this. This is a 2008 Tesla Roadster with 12,000 miles on it. This is the car that started the electric sports car revolution this is an unbelievable car 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. It’s an absolute blast to drive. Let’s take a further look around. Here we have a 1949 Chevy that some young people inherited from a grandfather who passed away. Naturally we get the call because we also deal with classics. The people who inherit and old car usually go online and type in “classic car value”, buy my classic car” or “cash for my classic car”.
We deal with everyday cars too, come on let’s take a look. We have a Toyota, a Hyundai we have a car for every need whether you want to buy a classic or you need a car for your teenager for the first time or if you need a reliable commuter car we have them right here.
Also, this is another cool car this is a 1974 Torino this is made famous by the Clint Eastwood movie. Again this is a situation where the mother in law, the parents, died and they left this car behind and the young people do not know what to do with it and they just don’t want it so they give us a call.
We have a couple of Mercedes and SUV’s here. A couple of ford focus’s very good on gas. Also look at this, this is very interesting this is a 1959 Plymouth Suburban it’s a Fury station wagon actually a very rare car. This car is going to England we put it on eBay, which is one of the manners in which we sell cars. A gentleman from England saw it, bought it and we’re shipping it out this week.
We have a classic 1967 mustang that just came in that we bought from the 2nd owner. He had it for 17 years which he bought from the original owner.
So, we have all types of cars and more importantly if you have a car that you want to sell give us a call. We always need cars, I only hold 25 cars and I sell over 30 a month. So every time one goes out we need to replace it.
Come on let’s take a look at some more. We have a very nice X5 that just came in. I forgot to tell you we also do motorcycle’s take a look at this. This beauty is a 1968 BMW R/60 that we also bought from estate.
So, if you say to yourself “I need to sell my car in Los Angeles” give us call or if you have a classic give us a call or visit or our phone is 310 253 9977 we will make it easy and we will make it fun. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my playground.

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