“Dennis Buys Cars” Buys a 1976 Classic BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 was a sports sedan that knocked the automotive world on it’s ear when it was first introduced. “The BMW 2002 will run the wheels off any of the under-$4000 sports cars without half trying. It is more powerful and it handles better,” ROAD & TRACK MAGAZINE said in 1967.
Dennis Buys Cars is constantly searching the internet, customer lists, referrals and word of mouth contacts for interesting classic cars to buy. They could be languishing in an underground parking spot for years, they could be out in the backyard or just sitting in the driveway. Many times people inherit classic car and do an online search for “Buy My Classic Car.” Eventually, and every car has a story, they have to be disposed of and hopefully Dennis Buys Cars gets the call.
Mike bought this 1976 BMW 20021976 BMW 2002 brand new when he was a young man in his twenties. He drove for years, then gave it to daughter who used it for awhile and it sat in this parking space for the last fifteen years. Mike found Dennis through a networking group called METAL, Dennis came out to take a look at the car and they struck a deal.

If you want to sell your classic car in Los Angeles, give us a try. We make it easy with no hassle. We will buy it on the spot for cash.

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