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Kelly Sells Her Classic 1966 Dodge Charger

Welcome to Dennis Buys Classic Cars. We have been LA’s friendliest Classic Car dealers since we opened our location on Venice Blvd. in 2003. We have a diverse selection Classic Cars for Sale that fit every type of classic cars, truck and motorcycle enthusiast.

We offer high end Classic Cars for Sale of course but we also specialise in classics that won’t “break the bank”. Sure, it’s possible to spend well over a million dollars for a 1967 Corvette L88 or over a quarter million for a 1965 Shelby GT-350 but that is just not realistic for most of us. There is a niche is the Classic Car world for affordable, cool looking and fun to drive Classic Cars. That is where we come in. We buy classic cars and we have classic cars for sale.

Take for example the venerable BMW 2002. This was a lightweight, entry level 2-door sedan manufactured between 1966-1967 that put BMW on the map after which the term “sports sedan” was coined by its devoted followers.

The pre-1973 cars with the round taillights have shot up up in value to the point where they are now out of reach for the average guy. Now, very nice 74-77’s can be had for less then 10K and they have the exact same body style.

Early Camaros, for example, now easily fetch high twenties but there are cool looking versions from the latest seventies that still have that classic look and are very reliable everyday drivers that are sure to turn heads.

The same theory applies to Mustangs. 1965-1968 are the gold standard but now even the later ones are starting to get attention because they are still affordable.

Remember, the classic car market is constantly evolving. Regardless of how old you are now, think back about the car you lusted after when you were a teenager. That is the car that you seek to buy as an adult toy now that your are older and presumably have the money to finally buy it. So if your were born in the early fifties, late 60’s Muscle Cars might be your thing, etc.

At Dennis Buys Classic Cars we will always have classic cars for sale for the enthusiast of every budget. Check out our current inventory and see if there is something for you.

We are a buyer of Classic Cars. If it is a discarded old car in the garage that you inherited from your grandfather or a high end restored classic that belongs in Barrett-Jackson, we will help you determine what it is worth and make you an offer.

Also, we love motorcycles! New and old. Bikes are really not that easy to sell on your own. We will buy your motorcycle, pay you the highest amount in cash possible and make it quick and hassle free.

Dennis Buys Cars is a licensed and bonded CA Dealer that has been in business for 14 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out our Video Blog page for a small sample. We have great Yelp reviews as well.

We Have Classic Cars For Sale

Dennis Goddard: So Kelly and Corazon. And you’re the mom?

Mom: Yes.

Dennis: And Kelly you’re the daughter?

Kelly: I am.

Dennis: Very, very nice looking people both of you.

Kelly: Thank you.

Dennis: So Kelly, tell us about this car that you guys are selling today?

Kelly: Well yes, it’s a classic very sentimental been in the family for as long as I can remember and before then. I grew up in this car I actually drove it a few couple month ago. So it’s definitely near and dear to our heart but time to let go, and we came to the right place because you have classic cars for sale.

Dennis: So what is it, what is the year make and model?

Kelly: It’s a Dodge Charger, she’s a beast. Her year is a 1966.

Dennis: Right wow. Okay, now tell us the ownership history of this car.

Kelly: Okay, well you can do that.

Mom: This my husband’s grandfather they bought it as a new car. And still now they keep it until now and they past away and they gave it to us.

Dennis: Okay so, your husband’s grandfather bought this car brand-new?

Mom: Yes.

Dennis: So Kelly, then it’s obviously this car’s been in the family your entire life.

Kelly: Yes.

Dennis: You can’t remember when this car did not exist in your family.

Kelly: No, she’s always been in our either garage, drive way, out on the street. So Yeah.

Mom: My son he wants to keep it because they want, they love this car.

Kelly: It’s about that time though.

Dennis: Well it a big job to restore this and its in good hands now, you sold it to the right people because we have classic cars for sale. Were going to make it very nice and Kelly and I where talking earlier that ill make sure that you guys get to see it and get to see pictures.

Kelly: Yes.

Dennis: Okay so, tell us Kelly why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it privately?

Kelly: I just knew it would be, probably the easiest way to go.

Dennis: Do you remember how you found Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Kelly: Oh, you know what I just was looking online pretty much.

Dennis: Right, and so you did an online search then.

Kelly: Yeah.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was you typed in when you did the search.

Kelly: Classic Cars for Sale or to buy pretty much.

Dennis: classic cars for sale. Okay, great. Well thank you very much I’m glad we finally made a deal, and thank you for bringing this car to us.

Kelly: Yes.

Dennis: And will make sure it goes to a good home.

Kelly: Awesome!


Classic Cars for Sale