How to Sell a Classic Cadillac!

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When it comes time to sell your Classic Cadillac or any other classic car you need an expert in your corner. Dennis Buys Cars and its division, Dennis Buys Classic Cars has been in the same location for over 14 years and has bought and sold thousands of late model and luxury cars, trucks, SUVs and all types of classic cars and trucks.

Avoid the hassle and risk of dealing with the public. Marketing a classic car can get better results using the special skill of a knowledgeable and licensed California Auto Dealer. You’re a busy person and selling your classic car or any type of car can be quite time consuming.

We can help you with all your questions. Let’s say you have inherited a classic car. The first thing you have to do is determine its value. This is where an expert comes in because there are so many variables within model years and condition plays a huge factor.

For example a 1965 Ford Mustang with a six cylinder in average condition could be worth a few thousand dollars whereas the same year in a fastback will all the options could be worth 100K or more.

We Buy All Classic Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

Our company is familiar with the entire classic car market and have the research ability to determine the value of the exact model you have. We can also tell you fairly what it is worth, evaluate your needs and discuss your options in selling your classic car.

Many times when an older relative passes on and leaves his car to a family member and there is little or no paperwork. This is where a licensed and bonded California dealer is needed. We can assist in creating a title for your vehicle and make it legal for transfer.

It’s actually easier than you think. Call or contact us and we can get you started done the right path.

We will buy your classic car.  We will buy luxury and late model vehicles with the least amount of hassle. Dennis Buys Classic Cars has a very interesting mix of classic cars for sale and late model vehicles for sale.

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Dennis Buys Caroline’s Classic Cadillac

Dennis Goddard: So Caroline tell us about this classic Cadillac that you are selling today.

Caroline: This was my dad’s car. It’s a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible.

Dennis: Wow and how long did he have it for?

Caroline: Oh, I don’t even know. Over ten years.

Dennis: And so tell us the story with this Classic Cadillac. How did it come to you?

Caroline: My dad brought it for my son and then my son passed away, so I was stuck with the car. Now it is just costing me money so I just wanted to get rid of it. Its huge, they don’t make garages big enough for this anymore and so I typed in sell my Classic Cadillac.

Dennis: That’s what I was getting ready to ask you, so how did you find us?

Caroline: I typed in sell my Classic Cadillac fast.

Dennis: Sell my Classic Cadillac fast and you got it to us okay, great. So, Caroline tell us the reason why you decided to sell to a dealer as apposed to selling it privately?

Caroline: I’ve sold a couple of cars before and a lot of people will stand you up. They will call you and make appointments, and it is really a waist of time and energy trying to sell to a private party. It is a lot easier, not as much hassle, so I tried this out.

Dennis: Okay great were glad you did and tell us or show us the best part of the transaction today.

Caroline: Money!

Dennis: Thank you so much we really appreciate it, and anytime you need any help car wise buying or selling let us know.

Caroline: Thank you Dennis

Sell My Classic Cadillac