5 Tips For Selling My Car


“Selling My Car Was Hassle Free…..”

1. Find Your Title

I know it sounds simple but I can’t tell you the amount of times that I buy cars from people that don’t even know what a title looks like. The title is an important looking document that says “Certificate of Ownership” on it.

If you have the title in hand it shows that you own it free and clear. Furthermore, if you still owe money on it then the lender will hold it until you make your last payment at which time they will mail it to you.

A dealer can buy your car if you have lost the title with a duplicate form but he will have to wait a period of time until he gets the title from the DMV. Most noteworthy is that additional time he has to wait might be reflected in what he pays you for your car.

2. Find Out What Your Car is Worth Ahead of Time

I may be shooting myself in the foot here but having good information helps everybody. Consequently, a good place to start is Kelley Blue Book but it has to be used properly. Enter your car, mileage, select options carefully and click on “Trade-In” value. This will give you a fair picture of what your car is worth.  The most common mistake is people tend to check “Private Party” which is approximately what the dealer would ask for your car.

3. Clean Your Car!

This one is obvious. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car! Plus it could work to your advantage. Every little thing that a buyer sees that he doesn’t have do means more dollars in your pocket. In addition, there is no downside to making your car look its best. Here’s a tip: Go to Pep Boys or Autozone and get some touch-up paint that matches your car. Touch up all those little scratches on the drivers door and bumper.

4. Do Those Minor Repairs.

I hear all the time: “It just needs a battery” or “It has a flat tire.” Well, if that’s all it is, fix it and I’ll tell you why. If you are not able to get it running and bring it to us we have to figure in the cost of our time coming to you, the cost of repairs and towing back to our location. Especially relevant is that it will be deducted from what we can pay you. Furthermore, epending on the year, make and model of your car that could be hundreds if not a thousand extra in your pocket.

5. Call Dennis Buys Cars!

I betcha knew this was coming! The safest, quickest and most hassle free method of selling your car is to call Dennis Buys Cars. Most of all, we pay more than anybody. We will beat all written offers including CARMAX. In addition, we pay in cash or any manner that you choose. We also have a great selection of late model cars and trucks.

Avoid the risks associated with dealing with the public and interruptions to your busy schedule. We will buy your car in fifteen minutes and get you home free of charge in a shiny and clean Uber car.

Dennis Buys Cars is a licensed and bonded CA dealer in good standing. We have been in the same location since 2003. In addition, we have thousands of happy customers and great Yelp reviews.

We also buy Classic Cars. Our division Dennis Buys Classic Cars is a buyer and seller of fine classic cars, trucks. Or if you have inherited a classic car we can tell you what it’s worth and make you a cash offer.

In addition, we love motorcycles! Spring is coming, we have some great bikes for sale of all types. If you have a motorcycle sitting in the garage gathering dust that you don’t ride anymore, we will buy your motorcycle.

Furthermore we will buy your late model or luxury car, truck or SUV. Call or click for a free quote. Check out our selection of quality used cars for sale and be sure to check out our fun Video Blog.

Keep in mind that if you are a woman selling your car there are important things you need to consider. Having strangers coming to your house just isn’t a good idea. Also, once you place an ad in a public forum there is a chance that an unwanted person will have your cel phone number, basically forever. Avoid these risks and inconveniences. We will buy your car safely and make it a friendly, hassle free experience.

I know there are still brave souls out there that still want to sell your car privately. As a result of our years of experience in buying and selling cars we have put together a comprehensive study on selling your car to the public with a handy “How To Sell Your Car Privately” guide. This will help you sell your car on your own and maximize the price you get as well as reducing the risk and how to release your liability.

“Dennis had good Yelp reviews.”

Dennis Goddard: So Daniel tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Daniel: Well it’s been my baby for a few years now. A great car but decided to sell it. And came in here and Dennis and Pablo were awesome. Came here 30 minutes, just got my offers, just got my check and selling the car. Great experience, nice guys and got what I wanted.

Dennis: Great. So tell us about the car? What’s the year, make and model?

Daniel: It’s a 2007 Porsche Carrera, 911 4S Convertible, in good condition. Beautiful car.

Dennis: Nice. So tell us the fastest you’ve ever driven it. Tell the truth.

Daniel: I got to 130 MPH in the car.

Dennis: Oh nice, nice.

Daniel: I got to 130.

Dennis: Any speeding tickets?

Daniel: No speeding tickets.

Dennis: Ah, Great.

Daniel: Got the radar detector installed to make sure that didn’t happen.

Dennis: It’s a common problem with these cars.

Daniel: Yeah I can see that.

Dennis: So tell us Daniel why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to privately for example?

Daniel: Its just hassle free. First of all, I tried selling my car privately for a little bit. Consequently, I had guys coming over and telling you how much your car sucks and all the issues with it and scratches there and you know just haggling. Therefore, it’s just not a pleasant experience. While, here you just come in and look at it for 20 minutes and give you a check and that’s it. In addition, it was a hassle free and easy experience.

Dennis: I am glad you did. First of all, tell us how did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Daniel: Google. He had good Yelp reviews. As a result, because I am Selling my car I came in here and gave him a try and Yelp was correct.

Dennis: Wow great. So you did an online search for Selling my car?

Daniel: Online Search. Yeah.

Dennis: Do you remember what it was that you typed in??

Daniel: Umm. I think I said selling my car Los Angeles.

Dennis: Selling my car Los Angeles.

Daniel: Yeah.

Dennis: Awesome. Great! Well, I am glad typing in Selling my car you to us.

Daniel: Me too.

Dennis: Thank you very much. We appreciate it.

Daniel: Thanks.

Selling My Car