Dennis is a Used Car Dealer

When it comes time to sell your used car. You need a good Used Car Dealer. It’s that simple! There are situations when selling your used car can be a complicated process and getting out of a lease is one of them.

How To Get Out Of Your Lease

This is when you need the help of experts. There are many factors to consider: your payoff relative to what your car is worth, any mileage restrictions, local tax laws, condition reports, etc. First, get your payoff and call us today. We will connect with your lender, organize all documents and determine the fair market value for your car. When the value of your car is higher than your payoff, we will pay you the difference in cash, get you a ride home in a shiny new Uber car and we will handle the rest.

We Are a Local Used Car Dealer

This is important. We know that when you want to sell your used car, you want to be well informed and you want to do it now. Nobody has time to open a Google Search Page for a used car dealer and go down the list calling one voice mail menu after another. We are local in Los Angeles, easy to find and we answer our phone!

We know the bottom line is that you want the best price. We will beat all written offers and we pay more than CARMAX!

Also, there is the safety factor. There are many risks associated with selling your car privately. Avoid the hassle. There is a tremendous convenience factor of going to an established, licensed and bonded California used car dealer. We have been in the same location for twelve years now and have built a solid reputation of fairness and good service.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have needed a local Used Car Dealer who have sold AND bought cars from us. Find us on Yelp and check out our testimonial videos.

We Want To Buy Your Car, Truck or Motorcycle!

If it has wheels, we will buy it. We buy Classic Cars too. Call us now to get a preliminary quote and make an appointment. Bring your title and your ID and we will buy it.

Dennis Goddard: Ron tell us about this car that you are selling today?

Ron: I have a 2012 GMC Sierra here.

Dennis: Nice, did you buy it new??

Ron: Yes sir.

Dennis: What is the story with the car why did you sell and what led you to Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Ron: Okay well you know things work out for a reason I didn’t even have you on the map Dennis nor Paul. I had deal with CarMax. I had the car sold but then CarMax through some technical small fine print said, “Wait a minute you have to go a pay the sales tax on this car.” That was a whole frustrating situation because it literally happened at the 23rd hour. So I had one day to move my car. I walked out of CarMax I was trying to do the stuff with the DMV went to through the auto club see if they can do something with the DMV. Finally, it came down to I had to move the car today and I need a used car dealer. When you have to move the car the worst time to have to try to sell something is when you have to sell it. Well I made some phone calls. Dennis you were the one guy that was a straight shooter for me. You said “Hey come on down I am not going to beat you up I know you’re in a bind I know you’ll even take less.” But you got me fair value and you got the car done and you got it all done in less than an hour. In addition to that you’re getting me an Uber getting me back to my office.

Dennis: Walk us through this you leased this car and then you bought the lease out. I understand that CarMax the only way they can buy the car is to pay an additional sales tax on top of the purchase price is that correct?

Ron: Yes, what happens is California law states that if you buy out the lease and resell your car within ten days you don’t have to pay the sales tax on it. I was going based on that principle in what California law has subscribed to. I made the purchase and purchased the vehicle and was flipping it to CarMax. Well at the 23rd hour CarMax said “No you still have to pay the sales tax.”

Dennis: So we were able to make it happened to you. You were able to make it happen for you?

Ron: You were able to make it happen were I didn’t have to pay the sales tax and I didn’t have to get the registration renewed. You guys made it all happened you gave me the bill of sale I made a deal with you for a fair price. That is something that I am very very appreciative of.

Dennis: How did you find Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Ron: You know all I did when I was leaving CarMax on the 405 freeway and don’t tell any one I don’t want to get a ticket I went down into my smartphone and I said use car buyer Los Angeles. I got a bunch of ads and they said a bunch of national companies I scrolled down. Saw one that said hey we are a used car dealer and we buy used cars in West LA which is my vicinity so all I did is click on that gave you a call and you were here to pick up the phone you weren’t in Costa Rica vacationing. Their wasn’t an underling answering the phone.  I spoke directly with you with which I appreciate.

Dennis: Do you remember what you typed in when you did the online search?

Ron: Used Car Dealer Los Angeles.

Dennis: Ron what was the best part of this transaction today? Seeing you and Paul two good looking guys. And your wife wonderful wife.

Dennis: Thank you very much we really appreciate and anything we can do car-wise to help in the future let us know.

Ron: You got me as a customer for life Dennis thank you.

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