I Learned to Sell My Car Safely

Selling Your Car to a Dealer is Safe and Easy

Are you thinking, “I want to sell my car safely?” Do you want to take your life into your owns hands just to sell your car? We didn’t think so. I know it sounds shocking but it’s true. Recently, a young man was killed by someone who responded to an ad that he placed on Craigslist to sell his Audi. Tragically the man was killed when the sale went bad.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck summed it up perfectly, “The time that the money is exchanged is a very dangerous time for people that are selling vehicles. This was an attempt by the “buyer” to get it both ways, to take the car and to keep the money.”

He warned against using online sites to sell anything because they are, “opportunities to let unwanted people into your life.”

Don’t take any chances, call Dennis Buys Cars when you want to sell your car. Of course there are the normal reasons why you should use the resources of a dealer. Gone are the days when selling your car privately was just a time consuming nuisance. Here at Dennis Buys Cars there is ZERO RISK to your personal safety.

We are a licensed and bonded California dealer who has been at the same location for thirteen years. We have countless satisfied customers, solid consumer reviews. We also have some fun videos of people selling their cars and telling their stories.

We Beat All Written Offers

It also makes good financial sense to come to us when it is time to sell your car in Los Angeles. We will beat any written offer 99% of the time. Bring us the quote from Carmax or any other dealer and we will beat that offer.

We pay you in cash and make sure you get a ride home on our Uber account free of charge. Even if you still insist on selling your car privately, we can still help you with that to minimize your risk as much a possible.

So, if you are selling your late model, classic car, truck or motorcycle call us and we will treat you right.

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Dennis Goddard: So Christian, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Christian: Well I just sold my 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It has eighty five thousand miles, good condition, very reliable.

Dennis: And Christian, why did you sell it?

Christian: Because Dennis bought my car, save me time and hassle free and he gave me the cash right away. I was able to sell my car safely and he is also giving me a free UBER ride back home.

Dennis: Why did you decide to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to selling it yourself privately?

Christian: It is hassle free, I am busy working and they give you the cash on the spot. When you sell it outside. I don’t trust people and I don’t want to be screwed, here I know I am getting my cash. I want to sell my car safely.

Denis: We understand that you went somewhere else and got and offer for your car. Tell us about that.

Christian: I want to sell my car safely, I first went to Carmax in Inglewood and that gave me an offer. I went to Dennis to try my luck and he gave me more cash on top of that offer from Carmax.

Dennis: How did you hear about Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Christian: I always pass by in this area, I have seen his lot and it looks very convenient.

sell my car safely