Selling and Buying Cars in Los Angeles


Selling and Buying Cars in Los Angeles is EASY!

OK, so you are visiting Los Angeles from another country. You came here to study, to work or maybe even just to play. You might be an athlete, poker pro, stock broker, retiree, an actress or a vacationing surfer.

People of every size, shape, color and nationality come to visit Los Angeles and they all have one thing in common. You will all need to buy a car during your stay here. We at Dennis Buys Cars understand Selling and Buying Cars as well as anybody. We know that you, as a visitor here for a period of time, have unique needs as a traveler. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with a special arrangement.

First, buying a car even in your hometown can be difficult enough let alone a foreign place like Los Angeles where customs are different and English might not be your first language. Selling and Buying Cars might be a little different for you. We promise to make it as stress free as possible and we have experience in dealing with your unique situation.

For instance, you will be staying in Los Angeles for maybe six months to a year and renting a car would cost a fortune and cut deeply into your budget. We suggest buying a perfectly good and reliable car from us for less than $5000 and then when you leave, sell your car back to us. Selling and Buying Cars in Los Angeles can be easier than you think.

Yes, when you sell but it will be WAY less than renting a car for that period of time. We handle everything for you; registration, taxes, all aspects of Selling and Buying Cars, DMV paperwork and insurance.

We then talk about how long you will be needing the car and give you an approximation of what we could pay when you decide to sell your car. Even if you close your bank account upon departure, no problem, we can pay you in cash if you like. Plus, we can even drive you to the airport at no extra charge!

Check out our reviews on Yelp so that you can feel comfortable. Also take a look at our fun and informative video testimonials.

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Dennis: So Kathinka, tell us about this car that you’re selling today?

Kathinka: Well, I’m selling a PT Cruiser from 2007. I driven it for 2 years. It’s been a fun little ride, specially for a girl who lives in LA. So yeah.

Dennis: So you bought it 2 years ago. So, you bought this car when you first arrived here?

Kathinka: Yeah. Yeah, I came here for acting from the Netherlands and yeah I needed a car. I thought a PT Cruiser would be kinda cute.

Dennis: So tell us your fondest memory of diving this PT Cruiser in Los Angeles

Kathinka: Fondest memory, I think when going to Santa Monica and Venice, driving around the Boulevard and you can see the ocean and the palm trees and the sunshine. I think that’s my fondest memory.

Dennis: Nice! Nice! So tell us your situation. Why? What’s happening with you? Why are you selling this car today?

Kathinka: I’m selling my cars because I’m going back to the Netherlands and I had to get rid of my car so I googled selling car and I found you Dennis and yeah you gave me a very good deal and I thank you so much for that.

Dennis: Kathinka, do you remember when you did the online search do you remember what it was that you typed in

Kathinka: I actually typed LA Dealers, selling and buying cars, yeah

Dennis: And what was the best part of your experience today at DennisBuysCars?

Kathinka: My experience was that you were very kind and understanding my situation and having to get rid of my car and you gave me a very good deal, so yeah. Everything was a good experience.

Dennis: Ok thank you so much and when you come back to LA please stop in and visit us

Kathinka: I will