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Everybody wants a good deal right?

There are several things to consider when you are selling your car. Ease of transaction and safety are the biggies. We are all busy with our own schedules. Selling your car on your own is time consuming and can also be risky. When you sell you car to Dennis Buys Cars we handle everything which includes all DMV paperwork, release of liability and immediate safe payment in the form of cash for your car, cashier’s check or business check. This can all be done in 15 minutes and we even will provide a ride home with our Uber and Lyft accounts.

Sure, getting it done quickly and easily is important but at what cost you ask? Just because you need the convenience and safety of selling your car, truck, motorcycle or classic to a well established, licensed and bonded California dealer doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you a lot of dough. We pay the highest prices in Los Angeles for your used car and WE MATCH OR BEAT ANY WRITTEN OFFER INCLUDING CARMAX.

When you sell your car to CARMAX there are several restrictions. The vehicle must have current registration. Here at Dennis Buys Cars we can take your car with it’s expired registration and DMV back fees and we will pay them for you. Plus, when they buy your car they pay you with a draft which is not cashable for ten days. That means your car is gone and you have to wait ten days for the money.

We make it easier and more convenient for you. Just bring us the current CARMAX quote and we will match or beat their offer and pay you in cash on the spot.

When you want to sell your car in Los Angeles we are your well established, trusted source. We have countless testimonial videos of people just like you that have told their stories of selling their cars to Dennis Buys Cars. We have great reviews on Yelp and the number is growing every month. We have been at the same easy to find location at 8931 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, 90034 since 2003.

We know the bottom line is you want to get the absolute most for your car and that is our goal.

How can we possibly do it? You might ask. It’s simple, here’s how: When we buy your car, we recondition what needs to be done and we will sell it retail right here in the same location. This cuts out the middleman such as a wholesaler or auction who have to make their cut and we are able to pay you more as a result.

We also buy Classic Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles and have a great inventory of used cars for sale.

Next time your are buying or selling a car, keep Dennis Buys Cars in mind!

We Typed in “Sell Car Online”

Dennis Goddard: So, Zaid tell us about this car that you’re selling today.

Zaid: Got a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited 2007. I bought this car when we first got our kids so it was an important asset to the family because we had to drive around with all the baby equipment.

Dennis: So you bought it brand new and it’s a one owner car.

Zaid: We did, one owner car.

Dennis: Zaid how did you & your wife hear about Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Zaid: My wife is one of those folks who loves to research things on the Internet and so she was looking for a way to sell the car since we got a new vehicle and she came across your website and gave you a call and thought the deal was great.

Dennis: Do you remember what she typed in to find us?

Zaid: Sell Car Online. I think she was looking for, you know, selling cars. That’s what the original key word was and obviously CarMax came up and one of the things that’s popular and were familiar with and she scrolled down a little further and saw DennisBuysCars and saw that it was local and decided to give you a call and see what you could offer us.

Dennis: Now, I understand Zaid that you also before you came here you went to CarMax

Zaid: We did go to CarMax

Dennis: Ok great and it’s my understanding and correct me if I’m wrong that we matched CarMax and paid you with a live check

Zaid: You did match CarMax and I’m sitting here right now so it was a much easier deal obviously you know they said CarMax said we had until April 10 to come in and we didn’t go into any CarMax but they weren’t able to generate a check right there

Dennis: Exactly and when CarMax pays you they don’t pay you with a live check they pay you with a draft and you have to wait 10 days for the actual money.

Zaid: That’s it.

Dennis: Ok great now in your mind why was it you chose to sell car online to a dealer as opposed to sell your car privately?

Zaid: There’s a lot of work that goes into selling your car privately and at this point b/c we have 2 small kids and both my wife & I work, we just didn’t have the time to hassle with trying to sell the car, have somebody come drive the car around. It just would’ve been too much time and energy to do that work.

Dennis: Alright. Great. We appreciate it. So what was the best part of your experience with Dennis at DennisBuysCars?

Zaid: In and out in 30 minutes, even the kids are in the car waiting on dad b/c we’re heading out to the beach to drink and now we get to go out and enjoy the weekend.

Dennis: Awesome. Well thank you very much for stopping by.

Zaid: Thanks Dennis, appreciate it.