Sell My Car in Los Angeles

It’s Time To Sell My Car

Are you returning to your home country and need to sell your car safely and quickly with no hassle? Are you thinking “I need to sell my car”?
Maybe you were here for school or a work assignment but now it is time to sell the car that you bought while you were here.

Here are a couple of important things you need to think about:

YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY: It just isn’t safe anymore to sell your car on Craigslist. It is a cesspool of unlicensed dealers, scam artists and even murderers. Yes, your car is valuable but your life is priceless. Dennis Buys Cars a licensed and bonded California dealer in the same location for twelve years and your safety and well being is our main concern. We will pay you in whatever manner you want to be paid: cash, check or cashier’s check.

YOUR LIABILITY: These scammers buy your car and your title could pass hands three or four times before someone finally registers it. All the while parking tickets and toll booth violations can keep showing up for months. When you sell to Dennis Buys Cars we release your liability on the spot through DMV.

YOUR VALUABLE TIME: Nothing beats the ease of calling us, getting a preliminary quote, making an appointment and getting cash for your car; all in fifteen minutes. Also, we LOVE our new Uber account so we even get your home free of charge!

WE PAY THE HIGHEST PRICE: We will beat any written offer, even CARMAX.

Check out more videos of satisfied sellers and buyers at Dennis Buys Cars. We also have strong reviews on Yelp.

Selling My Car to Dennis is Safe, Quick and Easy

Dennis Goddard: So Davinna, tell us a little about the history of this car that you are selling today.
Davinna: Well this baby has been with me since 2012 and it has been a wonderful experience and fun to drive, Mullholland Drive, various trips to Vegas and it was so difficult to give my baby away but it is time to sell my car.
Dennis: So you bought it brand new new. Correct?
Davinna: Yes
Dennis: Were you here visiting?
Davinna: I went to school here, my dad bought me this car, I am going back to my country and sadly I have to sell my car.
Dennis: Nice car, so this was your first car ever?
Davinna: Yes in America.
Dennis: So Davinna, tell us why you and your family decided to sell your car to a dealer as opposed to trying to sell it on your own.
Davinna: I have heard about Dennis through my friend and he said that Dennis gives the best deals and I have also been to other private buyers as well but it’s just so complicated and it’s easier and safer to come to you guys to sell my car and I know that you get the best quotes and I have got an experience now. Also you were close by to me and that is another thing. It’s on the spot and real quick and hassle free and I don’t need to worry about more paperwork and stuff like if I had something missing from my documents, it was very easy to sell my car to you and get the cash on the spot.
Dennis: And then you have the safety issue of coming here, getting paid safely and having your liability released.
Davinna: Right, and it was very quick, I am impressed, I didn’t expect it to be so quick to sell my car.
Dennis: Tell us how your heard about Dennis and Dennis Buys Cars:
Davinna: One of my other Indian friends who was selling his cars, he went to various other dealers, then he came across Dennis Buys Cars online and he came here and sold his car, he said, “I got the best price when I needed to sell my car and you should go there”