Dennis Buys a Classic Ford Mustang.

WE Love Mustangs!

Need to sell your Classic Ford Mustang? You have come to the right place! Since the year 2003 Dennis Buys Cars and its division Dennis Buys Classic Cars have specialized in the buying and selling of all types of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles.

You name it, we have done it. Virtually every car you can imagine has passed through our doors whether it be a classic American Muscle Car such as Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, ‘Cudas, Firebirds, Trans-Ams and GTOs. Have a classic car to sell? We will buy it!

Classic Cars seem to be part of the fabric of the lives of just about anybody you talk to. Who doesn’t remember their first car? Well, chances are that first car that you had as a young person is now a classic and worth tenfold more then when you first owned it.

But to me the touchstone of the whole Classic Car market is the classic Ford Mustang. If you were to stop any stranger on the street and ask them what is the first car that pops in their mind when you mention classic cars and it will probably be the classic Ford Mustang.

We Will Buy Your Classic Car, Truck or Motorcycle

That Ford Mustang first captured the hearts and minds of the public when it was first unveiled at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. It was an immediate success. The Mustang sold 22,000 units the first day and propelled the career of its co-creator Lee Iaocca.

It was small in size compared to most cars of the sixties and had great styling. This classic car was affordable, fun and easy to drive. It quickly became the choice of a broad segment of the new car buying public. Women liked it because of its size and the power steering option. Guys liked it because of the V-8 engine options available and sporty styling. People of all walks of life loved this new pony car.

We are “The King of Affordable Classics!”. Everybody know that Vintage Ferraris and other ultra classic cars can go for over a million dollars. To that we say a resounding “WHO CARES!”.

Here at Dennis Buys Classics cars we specialize in cool, fun classic cars that won’t break the bank and the classic Ford Mustang is right in our wheelhouse. They are still affordable and a very nice V-8 Coupe can still be had for under $20K.

We Specialize in Classics That won’t Break the Bank

Sure, there are Mustang Fastbacks, Mustang Convertibles and Mustang based Shelbys that are over six figures but there are still plenty of perfectly good, every day drivers running around that are affordable to the average guy.

The Classic Ford Mustang is the perfect, solid entry level classic car to buy. They are relatively simple to fix and are reliable enough to use every day. Plus, they look great! This is a car that attracts positive reactions and conversation wherever you go.

Most of all, Dennis Buys Cars is a full service dealer that specializes in affordable classic cars, trucks and all motorcycles. We have been in the same easy to find, West Los Angeles location since 2003. We have thousands of satisfied customers that have bought and sold all types of classics over the years.

Furthermore, we have great Yelp reviews and countless testimonial videos from people just like yourself. When it comes time to sell a classic car we are the experts. We can first tell you what the car is worth and make a cash offer. If you have inherited a classic car we can help you identify exactly what it is and its value.

This is a Safe and Friendly Place to Sell Your Car

Also, selling a classic car on your own is time consuming and can also be risky. Avoid having strangers coming to your housestrangers coming to your house and the complications involved in getting paid safely. Cashier’s checks can be stopped the next day and some people just aren’t comfortable dealing with large amounts of cash.

In addition, the are certain special concerns if you are a woman selling your car. It is better not to deal with the unpredictable public. We are a licensed and bonded California Dealer. We offer a safe and friendly environment to sell your car.

Another fact is that this dealership also buys luxury vehicles and late model cars, trucks and SUVs. So if it has wheels, we will buy it!

Lastly, we beat CARMAX! Bring us the quote and 99% of the time we can beat the price and pay you cash. CARMAX pays in a draft and you must wait ten business days for it to clear. And……… we will UBER or LYFTLYFT you home for free!

In conclusion, don’t forget to check our full inventory of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles for sale.

Listen in as Kim Sells Her Classic Mustang

Dennis Goddard: So Kim, tell us about this car that you are selling today.

Kim: So, this is a 1965 Classic Ford Mustang that I purchased because is the year I was born. I really thought that I was going to love driving this car and I did, I had it my time and now my time is up and I need to head it over to someone else. So, Dennis has blessed me by purchasing it.

Dennis: Thank you

Kim: I wish the next person get its well. Dennis gave me great service and thank you for your service Dennis.

Dennis: We appreciate you know. Kim you look really good for a 1965 Model!

Kim: It’s all good. It’s all inside.

Dennis: So Kim, tell us why did you decide to sell your Classic Ford Mustang to a dealer as oppose to selling privately?

Don’t Deal With Strangers Coming to Your House

Kim: First of all, I don’t have time to deal with the challenges that it takes to sell privately. I don’t want anybody coming to my house; my family doesn’t want to deal with the fraud or the potential fraud from Craigslist. I don’t want anybody calling me and asking for my address and not really want to buy the car.

Dennis: Exactly.

Kim: So, It’s easier to come down on here, it’s a safe environment and you do good business.

Dennis: Yes, exactly. So, you found us ok? It was easy to find?

Kim: Absolutely! Right here on the corner. We’ve been watching the cars for a while.

Dennis: Great! That’s good to hear. Kim, how did you find us? How did you find Dennis at Dennis Buys Cars?

Kim: We passed by here. Therefore, we leave locally, my husband is always looking at the cars you have for sale and I’m always trying to get him to not look at them. So, when we were ready to sell the Classic Ford Mustang you came top mind because we know you have many classic cars for sale.

Dennis: What was the best part of the transaction today with us?

Kim: Leaving without the Classic Ford Mustang!

Dennis: Ok, we’ll take over from here and we’ll find a good home for it.

Kim: Thank you Dennis.

Dennis: Thank you Kim.

Classic Ford Mustang