If You Are a Woman Selling Your Car Privately in Los Angeles

There are additional gender specific concerns if you are a woman selling her car in Los Angeles. In addition to the basic issues of selling your car privately which are: not allowing anyone to come to your home to insure your personal safety, making sure your liability is released, being paid safely in cash only, the dilemma of letting a total stranger test drive your car, smog and DMV fees, etc., there is one factor that is often overlooked and that is human nature.

Let’s say you make an appointment to show your car and the deal falls through. The prospective buyer still has your phone number. There are actual “dating experts” who have suggested that used car ads are a good place to search for available women with the theory being that if a woman is advertising a car by herself that usually means she is single or unattached. Your life is busy enough without the unwanted advances of some cologne drenched Lothario!

The absolute worst thing a woman can do is put her number on a “For Sale” sign attached to her car and drive around. Anytime you give out your phone number in any form of advertising there is a risk which can be avoided by selling your car to an established, licensed and bonded California dealer. For more information please go to www.dennisbuyscars.com or:

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